The Future of Real Estate Powered by Blockchain

Abstract This white paper examines the performance and perceptions of the housing industry in a rapidly changing global economic environment through Blockchain. Blockchain determined that although the sector has made significant progress in terms of financial and...

Blockchain-based Real Estate Solution

Abstract This white paper offers a more in-depth look at the issues underlying the ongoing discussions about the current global housing shortage. He examined the performance and outlook of the real estate sector in the face of a rapidly changing global economy and...

Real Estate, Infrastructure & Real Assets

With the real estate change happening in London earlier this year, asset owners explained why there is an increasing interest in owning buildings, wind farms, and waste incinerators. . Padmesh Shukla, investment manager of £ 11 billion pension fund Transport for...

US Real Estate Indicators Report

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) performed well in the first four months of the year, despite the sector returning to -0.2% in April after investors focused more on market risk. Despite the April lull, cumulative returns of 16.9% on REITs should be seen as...


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