Foreigners can now purchase Japanese real estate without being subject to any restrictions under the law or tax-related disparities. No matter what country you are from, where you live, or whether you have a residency permit or not, you are allowed to buy real estate.

There are, however, distinctions between the documentation required for residents and non-residents (mostly identification documents) and the prerequisites for opening an account with a Japanese bank in relation to receiving purchase funds and paying taxes on real estate after purchase.

Foreigners have the same legal ability to purchase Japanese real estate as Japanese citizens. It is also acceptable for foreigners to have landed in Japan under their ownership.

Proprietary rights have no temporal restriction and are easily transferable between foreigners, including through marriage and inheritance. The tax paid at the time of purchase by a foreigner is identical to the tax paid by a Japanese.

Here, we give a thorough description of the steps involved in purchasing proprietary rights to real estate in Japan and how they work. Although it could be possible to find out about properties online, it will still be necessary to travel to Japan at least twice to view potential properties, sign contracts, and complete the property transfer.

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