Hope is a big problem in this industry. The choice to buy a house and apartment is not only important for the economy but also a life choice that changes every day. The best method for real estate agents to trust their leadership is to let others speak. I mean, happy homeowners are “other people”, because they are people who have already ventured into this field.

I hope on your business day there are happy customers working with you. Go to these people to see if they would like to take a brief video testimonial describing their good experience. Getting strengths like this from real people helps with new directions to figure out if your organization should work with them.

Make sure your happy customers are willing to do it, make sure you make them king even if the contract is signed Use them on a festive bottle of champagne or a gift card at a local grocery store. If you do, they won’t be able to turn you down if you ask them to star in a short film.

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