A labor shortage has hit construction companies in terms of both hiring and doing business.

Hire time and costs increase when prospects can be selective and demanding, which expands the process. Salaries need to be raised to attract potential new hires and to keep up with or improve on the competition.

Due to the labor shortage, companies try to steal employees from their competitors by promising them salary increases and benefits. It occurs openly on sites.

It is natural and advantageous that an employment relationship develops between the employees of the construction company and the employer of the company during a lengthy project. In the event of the resignation of the construction company’s agent and its employer, the link between the two companies could be damaged, resulting in a loss of business for the construction company.

Also, some people in the field build expertise around a project and become the glue that holds it together. While no employee should be replaceable, losing key personnel can be costly and time-consuming. New employees need to be updated, which reduces productivity

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