Whether building thought leadership pieces or drafting email nurture, creating the right mix of content to CONTENT MARKETING achieve company objectives is a long-time industry theme. But what if the content mix has hit the ceiling of value? Have we recycled demand generation efforts to simply locate the leads instead of new audiences? Are we at risk of exhausting our existing audiences? How do we shift our content marketing efforts from differential to exponential?

For content marketers, this report highlights some of the good intentions we know we need to institute to move beyond average; however, it also signals the broader but constant issue: our audiences are demanding more, and that demand starts the moment they convert with a single piece of content.

The customer journey funnel has long been pulled apart and reconstructed, with feedback loops tossed in and paths leading us outward. Despite these shifts, this report calls for content marketers to shift the focus from a single acquisition to one that encompasses the audience’s potential beyond their classification as a new lead, returning buyer, or existing customer.

Another overarching theme content marketers need to embrace is experimentation, in and around the customer journey. It’s not a new approach to content marketing, but a subtle push to go beyond moderate efforts, moderate targeting, moderate demand generation.

Marketers that report moderate success also have common challenges. As this report suggests, if these challenges are common, why aren’t more marketers seeking to move the needle on success? Marketers need to move beyond moderate efforts in locating the demand, toward generating the creativity to attract the new—an idea coined “Making Markets.” It’s an interesting combination point covered within this brief.

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