Construction Software

This guide is here to help you understand exactly why construction software is revolutionizing the industry.

With cloud-based systems, there’s a sense of traceability and accountability that has never been seen before in construction. All team members, from architects to subcontractors, are connected in one place giving them the opportunity to share information and collaborate.

In this guide, we’ll be discussing how a Common Data Environment allows construction teams to integrate many parts of the job into a shared ecosystem. The addition of accounting, estimation, and BIM software further boosts the efficiency of the team. We’ll show you why a platform like Zutec’s can unlock real potential in the construction industry

How management software is changing the face of the construction industry

Construction software saves valuable time as it speeds up multiple aspects of a project, from inspections to snag lists to handovers. And once the final handover is complete, it helps make the successful operation of the building more efficient throughout its lifespan.

Firms that adopt construction management software quickly find that it helps solve a whole range of problems. Now all stakeholders can be connected on the platform via their mobile devices.

This greater transparency can also have a motivating effect on teams and improve the quality and efficiency of the work. Teams and individuals know they are accountable for every step of the work they do.

Using software such as business information modeling (BIM) in conjunction with mobile apps for inspections helps with better planning and sequentiality on sites. For example, just-in-time delivery can be optimised, so sites are not cluttered with materials that are not needed until later in the job.

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