This white paper examines the performance and perceptions of the housing industry in a rapidly changing global economic environment through Blockchain. Blockchain determined that although the sector has made significant progress in terms of financial and social impact, it still faces several challenges including difficulties in obtaining project funding, poor housing and costs, complicated government management systems, nothing and nothing to improve. progress. and psychiatry and personal revelation. It also stated that the way forward in overcoming these challenges would be to adapt and accept emerging technologies.

As a result, this book promotes the adoption of blockchain technology, providing a comprehensive overview of the store platform that presents itself as a pioneering service for liberating the home development environment by providing the platform and paying debtors. Direct dividends. and the right to vote in favor of any service completed via a Proof Of Stake (POS) smart wallet via Exchange. The environment is designed in such a way that it distributes the distribution at different rates after work and then turns into a liquid. In addition, the document provides an in-depth understanding of the Exchange platform operating system, outlining the key elements of a unique value proposition plan for entering the Exchange platform. The description of the exchange platform and the main functions, as well as the inputs, define the expected coin limit in the distribution of symbols.

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