Over the past two decades, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala have shown rapid economic growth. This development is being driven by major industry-leading projects based on capabilities such as automotive and infrastructure such as biotechnology and IT-ITeS. This has led to the rapid rate of urban and southern change in the southern region of the population of 102.8 million people (27.3% of India’s population) 1. Progressive travel can be reduced since 1990, only seven cities in the provinces. Has over one million inhabitants. The number rose to 11 in 20102. In 2015, this number could affect 13 villages that Hubli-Dharwar, Madurai, and More could be added to this list. More than a million cities.

The drivers of economic growth and market growth in the south

Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Kerala all accounted for 21% of India’s population and reached one percent (25.4%) of the national grocery store (NDP) in 2011-12 (from a decrease of 24.9% to 2005). – 06) 3 these real estate countries are strong commercial areas, dedicated to the manufacture real estate of things such as cars, clothing and textiles, medicine, security, and stadiums. Four countries account for 50% of all SEZs in the country. With business growth, IT remains a force in the real estate industry, followed by biotechnology.

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