The announcement was made by the housing and community future industry program board that brought together some representatives from the housing industry, government, and students — all working together. Construction industry and concerns about the effects of climate change and the growing number of cities and environments. Owning a home is key to urban development, using natural resources and a precious fresh air sauce. Similarly, at the heart of the goal is shaping the future of the environment. We appreciate the importance of preventing climate change by lowering temperatures below 2 ° C, and we know that the current global gas supply (GHG) is not ideal for one. We also recognize that the construction industry accounts for more than 20% of the world’s greenhouse gases and other environmental impacts, including waste generation, pollution, water consumption, and consumption. Some were created.

Land and environment

The building element uses more energy than other elements and contributes to the growth of EC2 emissions. Although difficult to measure, it is highly estimated to indicate that property is one of the most valuable properties of EC2e1 involvement. -The department spends more than 40% of the world’s energy-20% of all air from the world’s infrastructure comes from world production facilities (3 billion tons per year) Also strong and growing infrastructure in some countries. For example, by 2030 households are expected to use 12% of the world’s living water, and makeup 30% of all waste in the European Union.

Development: illegal housing it is a mistake to think that the construction industry does not care about environmental development when making decisions. Improvements, there is a significant change in the production of eco-friendly homes. Today, 40-48% of new “green” homes, compared to only 2% in 2005. New green construction is expected to increase by ~ 55% by 2020 as new expansion rules are implemented. Smart maintenance of new green construction technology8 estimated 44 Mt CO2 e. sales will be covered by LED lighting by 2020 – a 25%investment. Expected by 2020 this clear building is still strong marketing, as its powerful idea in the early 2000s. As a search engine, consumers ’and market demand are paramount, while the same amount the era of mining and marketing / PR is now the two main reasons for evolution farming of choice.

Personal research

Many companies and organizations have statements about environmental strengths, development goals, or their commitment to reducing air pollution. How is the situation in the real estate sector? Are the rules relevant, common for long-term investment or promotion? Does the department have a common vision of what it takes to achieve stability? In research conducted on these issues, the first real estate industry study by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), which completed data collection on urban support policies developed by students at the National University of Singapore focused on private and public organizations. 11 number of selected projects.

The difficulty in determining “general support” was significant in all tests. Sometimes, explicit examples of projects that are explicitly stated as “supporting rules” are found to have implications for constitutional violations. Success data without a clear and complete plan. Some projects listed as “useful tips” can be well defined as quality plans or photos. In general, programmers do not use the word “rules” as opposed to rules, plans, commitments, goals, etc., and do not easily distinguish between rules and KPIs.

JLL’s promotional work was largely based on existing work by the National University of Singapore, which produced the advertising document at the beginning of the Council’s research. . This group of documents is examined to determine the nature of a rule or practice – such as work-related to infrastructure and necessary equipment. In addition, since the documents collected by NUS appear to be incomplete by government agencies and non-governmental organizations, another study was conducted to illustrate the conference plans from the real estate-the rest is up to the court to decide.

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