This article describes information obtained from Fund.nl, the largest Online housing real estate retailer in the Netherlands and the real estate website. The registers cover the incident and the incident (rat clicking, website opening, etc.) at the orbit level. The user interface explains the origin and destination. The records reflect the true nature of the band members. Online housing The data flow is based on 1.1 billion estimates made by website users in the first six months of 2018. Important data is collected by Google Analytics, Google’s website analysis tool. Learn about the database for government promotion, security, product development, and more. The district database is used to create inter-city data flows. In the full example, we had 148,216 river flows between Dutch cities, with 313 zeros. Information includes registering different types of user groups as people explore ideas more deeply until the final entertainment. The data will allow researchers to analyze Online housing patterns and assess them with a new perspective. For example, the information is relevant to real estate agents, mathematicians, and real estate analysts.

Data Description

Data flow systems, or data flow systems, are described in this letter based on information generated by the user of Funda.nl, the largest retailer in the Netherlands. The Dutch Association of Online housing Real Estate Agents (NVM) launched the real estate website Read in 2001 [3]. Since then, Funda has been one of the global architectural plans. Read for the website Read from 2018, similar to our data, you will find the Itinerary created by The Internet Archive. See, for example, the January 2, 2018 database or the English retention statement for May 2, 2018.

The data includes information (and analysis) on the Read user flow for the first half of 2018. The property should be available they are determined flow result. A total of 1.1 billion strokes (ie the whole set) were collected by Dutch users in the Dutch inventory, more than 148,216 municipalities. About 95 percent of the visuals are for sale, the remaining five percent for rental homes. It flows between the first three hundred and thirty-three last councils; no relevant reports were found in six small towns (see below). A full description of the size can be found in column 1 of Table 1. The data show that the size 1.1 is connected to the zero flow rate and 147390.

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