Investments in the real estate sector of India were USD2.9 billion (INR21,170 crore) at H1 2021, more than double the increase from H1 2020. Investors still have a strong desire for office finances, accounting for 35% of total investment in H1 2021. At H1 2021, the trade and museum sector saw USD775 million (INR5,657 crore) of investment, the highest level in any year since 2016 Investors consider the current situation to be an attractive prospect value.

During H1 2021, India saw the list of the Third Real Estate Investment Fund (REIT) by Brookfield India, deepening secondary markets and combining the attractiveness of office financing. In addition, the Indian Security and Exchange Board (SEBI) has reduced the minimum investment rate in REITs to USD136-205 (INR10,000-15,000) from USD 684 (INR50,000), a step that could improve the rate of investment in REITs and make them more accessible to a large group of investors.

The housing sector, which continues to see debt challenges, saw only 4% of all investments in H1 2021, with credit contracts being the main investment option.

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