New software products or services meet required technical requirements that may not achieve the intended purpose. The reason is that participants ignore the business acceptance test (BAT) which can have a huge impact on a customer’s business. BAT is new and similar in many respects to the Consumer Light Test (UAT) and the Consumer Test (UT). But all three are not the same! The white paper highlighted the importance of BAT and its role in ensuring the needs of all companies before releasing the software to the market. The direct user experience and their user experience distinguish BAT from other types of testing.


Over the years, it has been proven that a new product or service that meets technical requirements may not achieve its purpose. The reason is that participants ignore the business acceptance test (BAT) which can have a huge impact on a customer’s business. Perry and Rice, in their book ‘Surviving the Top Ten Challenges of Software Testing’, say users should be concerned about whether the system supports the needs of the organization. The question that needs to be answered in a business agreement the question is ‘will the system meet the market or do what is needed in the real world’? Perry and Rice added that the Business Acceptance Test (BAT) is “Knowledge of practices in all jobs to be assessed; deterioration of these practices to a level lower than -severe, and testing real-life tests with this secret. Verify software contrary to enterprise requirements. BAT is designed to see if the system can support businesses and the day-to-day community to define rules, various workflows, data organization, and usage and to ensure that the system meets company requirements.

The BAT test is based on ensuring that the performance requirements are met and is a powerful way to control or eliminate change requests and reduce project costs.

The following ideas clearly explain what BAT really is:

This is the final step of testing before you are taken for testing to be transmitted as stated in the contract any tests not performed by the manufacturer are those performed by the actual user. The test is performed by a person standing or acting on behalf of the actual user

Key reasons why BAT is successful with customers are: Make sure the product supports the company it is founded on. You reduce or decrease the price of the article after the start. You reduce errors that occur due to reasons such as: Required not to report

The BAT process

The BAT department plays an important role in product development and has some important responsibilities to perform such as Assess BAT expectations Check if the requirements for the work to be commenced are relevant to the work required by BAT. When the requirements are recorded. And proceed to the final stage of testing. It is important that you know the requirements for the plan exam and experience with a business plan. It also helps to define the conditions to use the system and evaluate its performance as described below.


Providing effective software that always meets the needs of the business is a challenge, even more, difficult when presented in a distributed, partial, efficient and time-consuming, time-consuming, costly, and cost-effective environment. The test team needs all the help they can get to evaluate the software properly and make sure it meets the highest quality standards and does this without wasting time and budget.

The task of the question manager is not limited to completing the exam. The BAT team needs to be treated with whatever essentials (equipment, components, CRS, etc.) as needed. They should be notified of current and current operating conditions, including known / open bugs. BAT and test moderators should be on the same page about the delivery time, poor quality of life, error errors and check methods, test area, parameters used, output measurements/type types, and more.

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