Now that the situation is growing, people are looking for homes that offer comfort, security, convenience, and affordability. Many real estate companies promise that better housing will provide more comfort, safety, comfort, and Smart Homes vacation in the world while reducing energy consumption as a result of better maintenance. Strength at home. Smart homes have the potential to achieve many goals, but it depends on how the homeowners use different buildings; however, this issue remains unclear and needs attention. A smart home is a complete computer that uses scientific information to help explore the home environment. The purpose of this chapter is to understand the basics of home science and the various sciences associated with it. The authors tried to study the blocks of the intelligent structure and the relationships between their different components. This chapter describes the combination of sensors, various systems and technologies, and multimedia devices commonly used for home intelligence. There are different algorithms from many areas and their value is also indicated in their use by experts. This chapter also looks at the results of future researchers who can contribute to a smart, stable, and friendly community.

Definition of Smart Homes

The smart home appliance is supported by various AI technologies as well as the latest technology used in good homes in terms of improved comfort conditions, better lighting. Scientific houses and their theories or their original interpretation were first invented by Lutolf. It fulfills an economic function, security, and efficiency. Skills and capabilities” There are many factors that define its meaning. For example, according to Berlo, a smart home is more dependent on design and self-management factors. Winkler and others have created many more create and control.

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