This white paper offers a more in-depth look at the issues underlying the ongoing discussions about the current global housing shortage. He examined the performance and outlook of the real estate sector in the face of a rapidly changing global economy and highlighted the significant growth of the sector in terms of turnover and impact on human development.

Despite this growth, the reality on the ground is that challenges such as inability to access mortgages, low property valuations, complex government regulations, rising costs of sale, low property valuations, lack of transparency, complex government regulations, and privacy concerns regarding the disclosure of personal information.

The document argues that if nothing is done to address them urgently, these challenges have the potential to undermine all future human and technological development efforts, especially in the face of global population growth. The paper then discussed the way forward, citing new technologies as the ultimate answer and pushing forward the revolutionary use case proposal called the Interland Blockchain-Based Real Estate Solution.

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