The importance of online marketing to businesses operating in different areas especially home businesses has strengthened the image of the website and online destinations in Nigeria. The use of Internet advertising changes the way information is processed and the way business is conducted in real estate. The aim is to determine which Nigerian traders are using online marketing to discard traders and the ranking team on the marketing website used by Nigerian traders. Most of the study covers online advertising stories such as media positions and stores in the Nigerian shopping department. Residents of buyers of houses and buildings. The maximum number is 186 but the amount of equipment used is another test. The results showed that Nigerian retail companies used online marketing to benefit the country. The result reinforces the acceptance of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram as social media groups used by Real Estate firms in Nigeria. This means that many and real estate agents are using online marketing to speed up their businesses, especially in the real estate sector.


Leaving real estate and sales often attracts information and if the information is incomplete, the real estate business can thrive because players rely on existing information before making a secret. Searching or tracing during marketing (Babatunde, 2016). The desire to increase your home sales has arisen with real estate sales in recent years after the advent of the internet.

Buyers of real estate in Nigeria are still concerned about the design and value of the online business in real estate around the world. The lack of compulsory training and education to meet the needs of the new business community is widespread. The reluctance to participate in the purpose of the online marketing campaign for local retailers. The market share of aviation buildings in Nigeria is very low (Kakulu, 2018). In addition, a recent survey of Nigerian secondary schools including advanced science standards in Nigeria has shown that even data Technology helps groups to market online from a general level of education to a level of understanding. With the widespread use and reliance on the global market, only an understanding of the basics of knowledge is not available because experts are not able to apply modeling skills logically. Today in Nigeria, we are all seeing a continuous change in different industries and with the transition from the implementation of a small mod system to the last decade to digital/online systems. The question that needs to be asked about real estate and real estate business in Nigeria especially in Enugu is how do we get there and what is our current location in terms of selling on-air and services as a service. Are we in front of an industrial building in free space or are we slow to accept this upgrade?

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