The Commercial Real Estate Women Network (CREW) is the leading provider of research on women in commercial real estate. It develops white papers every year and publishes a benchmark study every five years to provide valuable industry information and data. CREW Network is the leading business networking organization dedicated to transforming the real estate industry by empowering women around the world. CREW Network supports over 11,000 members worldwide through business development, leadership development, industry research, and career advancement.

Pay equity in commercial real estate

Following the publication of its 2015 Benchmarking Report: Women in Real Estate, 1 CREW Network focused its research on persistent barriers to the advancement of women in commercial real estate. The 2016 white paper Closing the Gap: Addressing Gender Bias and Other Barriers for Women in Real Estate2, detailed statistical data and personal narratives on conscious and unconscious gender prejudice, remuneration practices, mentoring and sponsorship, and aspirations.

The 2017 white paper CREW Network, Diversity, The Business Advantage: Best Practices for Gender Equity and Inclusion in Real Estate3 describes 10 real estate companies that have benefited from greater gender equality and a larger workforce.

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