About the customer

Customer service companies provide year-round long-term solutions for their founders and their businesses. Their solutions help designers, engineers, contractors, and homeowners (AECO) collaborate, organize and organize data for their construction projects, get details on day-to-day improvements, and share accounts – from the same dashboard. Their software is used by more than 122,000 users in more than 1,200 companies worldwide.

Crisis in the industry

Clients want to provide detailed documentation and reports on the project directly from the website, for those who do AECO. The solution requires clear and easy-to-use communication – for Foremen or Cent managers, to deal with difficult situations, and to be able to use a user-friendly mobile device.

The data collected needs to be read in the building management field to be imported, modified, and accessed/shared with authorized users.

Thick solution

The challenge is to simplify the initial application form, improve the documentation, and improve the user experience to solve the environmental issues at the construction site.

The summary is consistent

Trigent has developed project-based Project Information Management (PIM) software that allows various stakeholders to discuss and have a shared perspective on the project.

Anyone involved – builders, engineers, entrepreneurs, owners – can submit personal information about the project to the platform. Everyone involved in the project will receive a report with the status of the project.

The types of networks and configurations available

The mobile device is made of cross design. The developer works with the same compatible code for is and Android.

Information for customers

UX Utilities are designed for different people in building websites or in external areas. An example of this is the battery option Dirty Mode, the system operates in Voice integrated.

Related information

Users can enter information related to the project so that other friends can better understand the project.

Customer support

Trident has empowered customers to provide a better age-appropriate performance for its customers working in complex environments even without an Internet connection. This simplifies their day-to-day work simplifies report management and exchanges health information at work.

It’s important

• Cloud-based applications work seamlessly

• Take a schedule for each project

• Regular plan of daily activities

Give examples of digital analysis as well as the latest solutions

The final version of the phrase can be used today

• Cross-device with is and the first Android endpoint on network and mobile phones

• Compatible with is 14

Look to the future

We continue to work with customers using Consents Ex web code, frame design, and UX. Due to the design environment in which the ladder is not easy to use, attention is given to the ability to move through the objects mentioned.

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