Customers’ needs


Customers create, manufacture, license, and support a variety of online products for the real estate and real estate industry. The company’s software products include state-of-the-art systems that can be used to provide lead generation, Test lead management, execution, network transmission, and production tools. Their products are available nationally and work with more than 160 local MLS agencies. More than 1,300 offices representing up to 40,000 representatives worldwide use their products.

Project plan

Tested on office materials in the process to improve rewriting.

Product improvement system

What is a product improvement system?

The product development process includes all the steps necessary to take a product from memory to market availability. These include stating market needs, researching competitive environments, figuring out options, creating maps, building low-cost products, and more.

Who is involved in this system?

Because they are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of a company’s products, product managers often set standards for improving products in line with the strategy. This method is not just for product design. Product development requires the work and participation of many groups within the company, including:

• Success

• Shape

• Marketing

• Sell

• Small

• Try

Creators represent promotional programs Build teams working on the cross, discuss big picture goals and product objectives (in product form), and evaluate team progress.

Choosing the type of product design

It is common to see the statement that many products are evaluated from the beginning. Many business and professional books promote the idea that failure is 80% to 95%. (Consumer products and services like Juicero, Google Glass, and Amazon Spark come to mind.)

However, good observation produces a clear picture. The data shows that the product failure rate is almost 40%, depending on the industry. This is a good place to succeed.

Establishing well-defined optimization methods helps you avoid common product failures. There are well-known banks that have been providing startup management and large companies for decades. Here are some experimental techniques.

Stage-Gate Design Model: Regarded as a well-known development method, the Stage-Gate model is a step-by-step process for analyzing, developing, and advertising a product comprehensively.

IDEO app: This is a sincere app that allows customers to have prospects to lead the product.

Booz Design, Allen and Hamilton (BAH): The program has seven parts. This guides the development team through the legislation and aims to reduce risk.

Whatever currency you choose, give yourself enough time to grow your team. Your repair process may require months or years of experimentation. The intensity of your product should determine the time you spend on this element.

Finding a collection of design packages on the market, for example, takes less time than making a smart eye card. If not, you may want to increase the size of your product to stay ahead of the competition in the market. Let your results guide your work.


Trigent has created desktops to optimize products from PHP to Java technology. Energy-based JAVA software is very strong in design and offers a wide range of design/development options for buyers and online assistants. The latest product tools need to be tested on 6000+ websites with eight flavors (website types).

Solutions provided

Due to a large number of websites and toilets that could be seen, the team was asked to display and provide examples of photos of Clients and Internet Assistants that would cover the entire inspection process. The measures were counted in 15 regions, including three major website types. The experiments were performed on the original fabric and the results were synthesized.

Legacy applications are considered a method of showing experimental results because no documentation can explain the function or nature of the application. List of planned case test methods to see what might flow. QTP tools used in smoke to ensure proper coverage, Test Certificates are used to identify potential defects due to required gaps and Test Certificate documentation.

User support

Trigent has used its extensive expertise to test the complexity of applications to ensure that website usage meets the maximum requirements set by customers.

There are some good ones

• Products are easy to test and sell over time

• Effective change is hard work

Improve performance by trying harder

• Provide effective code information

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