About the customer

Industry-leading User Information Management System (PIM) software enhances communication, management and simplifies management. Their software is used by more than 122,000 users in more than 1,200 companies worldwide. Their software solutions provide project teams with a unique view of the construction program along with living location identification and management of selected documents. This simplifies communication, keeps records, and simplifies construction planning for builders, engineers, contractors, and owners. The plan is to reduce time spent on management activities, facilitate project mobility and project team integration.

Back to the end

Construction project developers use a variety of products and software tools relevant to their jobs. Products for customers are linked to this third-party software that uses leads. Customers maintain a central library with measures to enhance additional events. New additions are added to the library and existing ones are updated as they continue to add support for new products or updated versions of existing products. Running old OS and third-party software ensures the security of its clients ’investments.

Crisis in the industry

Testing the quality of any type of release or release of new content in Project Management software requires testing of the consent and integration of the release and third-party software applications available to their customers. The study and case design of solidarity tests as well as validation of this type have been a challenge. Consumers need a solution that allows for more coverage but reduces sales time.

Business problems

Experimenting with a new version or type of innovation in project management requires testing for both solutions and a combination of this type and third-party software may be preferred by the customer. “Use: Evaluate and coordinate transactions with facts on a case-by-case basis. Customers need a solution that allows test size and reduces sales time.

Active Solutions – AWS age zone

• Trigent has created a matrix that is fully compatible with a wide range of software, third-party tools, types, and related limitations or capabilities. Depending on the type of operating system, browsers and related services become more complex.

• In the constitution of a court of law, not only defines the specific conditions but also the potential uses that the client can afford.

Knowledge of Trigent’s buildings and structures played an important role in determining the knowledge of different people (builders, engineers, contractors, and occupants), cultures, and preferences. Product specifications are appropriate for different people and the final terms of use are identified and categorized.

• Attempts designed to capture the meaning of user behavior in a variety of situations. These test cases must be appropriate for the type of product used and the product for the customer.

• Trigent has developed a well-structured AWS Cloud community with multiple features for a suitable solution for the product. This ensured the reliability and security of the quality control system and allowed rapid pressure testing if necessary.

• Test equipment ensures high coverage and low delivery time. It also improves the number of AWS Cloud standards, which means it saves money instantly. This results in a reduction in the cost of construction equipment and testing equipment.

Customer support

• In each test, defects were detected in one user group due to a change in one product.

• 42% decline in AWS block chain age – architecture decline

Experimentation and reduced pressure reduce market hours by more than 70%

• 90% test results over 400 tests, 33% better

Release (DER) below 1.5%

Thick solution

Experiments with self-monitoring and time pressure reduce sales time by up to 70%

Complete 90% of questions on 400+ exams, 33% increase

Trigent geographical information plays an important role in providing an information

Personas (Designers, engineers, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs), culture and preferences

The product range is used for different people and the end-use terms are

Acceptance and separation.

Test this test is designed to protect behavioral sensitivity for users from various categories.

These test cases need to be adapted for all types of products used

As well as useful results.

Experiments Tests performed on Persona show errors made by a group of users, as a result of a change

There is a result

Annual continuous wave (DER) reduction of less than 1.5%

Ÿ the price of AWS Cloud has dropped 42% – a delay in the reduction of the financial system

As part of the law of accountability, sports don’t just show the keys

The situation is used now, but also the experience of the end customer


Gent Trigent has created a matrix that is fully compatible with different software,

Certified third-party products, types, and restrictions or

Limits are set. Depending on the type of application, tests and

Related actions have created difficult situations that need to be closed.

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