Company description

The company is a recent provider of financial services, investments, and management. The site was built as part of a business plan to rapidly increase the company’s presence in the growing real estate market in Central and South America. This support is focused on rental housing and rental properties in Mexico.

Of course

Real Estate Trusts (REITs) design, renovate, acquire and transfer selected homes to the best in the United States.

Creating a file and running Discovery, the organization wants to move a lot of content from IBM File Net P8 to SharePoint.

They chose Olive + Goose, working with Proventeq to get, analyze, edit and migrate the content to SharePoint.

The Olive + Goose and Proventeq teams not only created a challenge posed by a narrow travel plan but also took advantage of internal management capabilities and SharePoint users.

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To meet the specific challenges and exchange programming requirements of SharePoint, Olive + Goose and Proventeq have designed and created a six-step solution through Proventil’s Migration product environment. Accelerator. These include:

Identify issues that may affect travel to other countries by recording leaked reports and migration reports provided by Migration Accelerator.

Create an effective migration and design plan that follows the recommendations of SharePoint online technology systems.

• Provide time to test their experience with production vehicles.

Use additional Migration Accelerator filters to streamline enterprise mobility through departments to reduce enterprise size.

Multiple transactions with more than one million daily exchanges in the system. Many Migration Accelerator activities work in a similar way to drive these results.


The team ran into technical problems as it changed colors from an IBM -licensed format (.CSN) to Microsoft (.MSG). The IBM File Net platform and the DB2 platform cannot handle similar applications, and the idea is needed. Migration works should be shared due to Web and Library Discussions to stay in the SharePoint technical manufacturing process.

Saved Lotus emails, with links, need to be returned to the Online System, and unlinked emails restored to SharePoint. Updated email and organizational extensions require in-depth study to ensure that all activation emails are successfully sent.

Customers contacted us to solve a major problem – reducing the life of a New Mexico office. There are tools to strengthen their work, but there are no IT solutions to organize their work. When damaged, the problem is:

Winning leads to time to buy the product

 Reduced document management and project management measures Effective measures to prevent unplanned growth

You reduce training time to get final results

 Make sure you get complete results in the application

The solution

Knows issues and plans to build solutions based on Office 365. The offering provides editing tools and SharePoint that are used to avoid existing enterprise problems. SharePoint comes with advanced document management tools, reducing the time required to build a response. Consistent with this decision, Trigent built the solution using SharePoint images provided by Office 365.

Formulation of information for files and application forms

 Out of the box is a section designed to set the lifespan of the document in SharePoint

 Web mining is done in the same way as standard Windows scanning, improving the usability of SharePoint

 Implement processes to prevent unstructured content growth
 Reduce training time for the newly implemented solution

The absolute

The organization has successfully restored and maintained the cost of services by eliminating the IBM File Net platform and the Discovery platform.

Editing files on IBM File Net, Proventeq, and Olive + Goose helps effectively reduce the amount of time spent searching for and editing information and utilizing the Office 365 Discovery platform, which provides an immersive experience. Far better than the legacy left by your friends.

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