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The Assistance Companies is a new global provider of financial services, investment, Assistance Companies, and financial management. The company was created as part of a marketing campaign to accelerate the company’s presence in the growing real estate business in Central and South America. The department focuses on real estate sales in Mexico.


The client contacted us to resolve some initial issues – shortening vacation time in the New Mexico office. These tools can be used as operators, but no IT solution has yet been developed to streamline their work. If it is damaged, the problems are:

  • “A win resulting in a five-week purchase period
  • Minimize time to generate document management tasks and test procedures
  • Use techniques to prevent abnormal growth
  • “Reduce training time for new skills
  • “Make sure the response to the incident is fully received


It thoroughly analyzed the problems and planned to create solutions based on Office 365. The Office 365 Office Receiving System eliminated access to important business tools such as e-mail and data management. The solution provides a SharePoint business solution that is used to solve various business problems. SharePoint provides the best Assistance Companies group management tools, reducing the time required to generate feedback. Based on this conclusion, the expert created a solution with SharePoint images that can be used in Office 365.

Solution keys are available:

  • “Expressive art offers care and use
  • Off shows the default format for setting up a document at the heart of SharePoint
  • Deploying a website to create the same features as regular Windows analysts, enabling SharePoint
  • The system uses techniques to prevent unplanned growth.
  • “Business Search gives users the ability to easily find and retrieve information

In response, staff provides the following services to ensure acceptance:

  • “Specialist Education and Patient Programs”
  • The lighting is designed to ensure that the necessary changes are made to the reception in your area as soon as possible
  • Uses practice Show in practice lessons that people react comfortably


Trigent’s response prompted the patient to resume his activities as soon as possible, which accelerated the recovery of the implant when a new arm was created; This Assistance Companies plans to grow in the future. The best answers are:

  • “There are no guaranteed tools to quickly navigate and retrieve users
  • Lack of resources does not require the integration of IT resources to create a solution that creates a TCO solution.
  • The use of online responses has confirmed that it is easy for users to use feedback to reduce learning.
  • Precautions to help data access to ensure control and inspection.
  • “Training courses” make people understand the problems and give them a connection at home to improve their knowledge in the future.

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