AMC Delancey Group is a real estate agent and real estate agent that includes several homes Outlook, offices, shops, businesses, hospitality, and real estate. Their extended resources are located on the East Coast, and their short-term plans include adult life and privacy.


AMC Delancey developed their integration with two different systems, Goldmine and Microsoft Outlook. They also used Goldmine to deal with their building prices. They faced a major systemic crisis because it was not easy to share information between departments.


RSM uses a 12-user tool Microsoft Dynamics® CRM Business Solution, a representative of their Goldmine® software. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows them to share information with departments, manage their assets during the contract period, and interact with Microsoft Outlook in real-time. AMC Delancey has expanded its use of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM database to integrate high-quality search, troubleshooting, and documentation.


  • Build a data center
  • Improve progress and continue knowledge
  • Integrated access to information for other departments
  • Emphasize Microsoft’s presence in business leadership
  • Expand the system according to the specific requirements of the modeling industry
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