A good real estate investment system is essential for any economy to prosper. However, in recent years, the stability and stability of the Malaysian Expenditure Services System was in question as the number of non-performing building loans increased. This paper looks at how NPLs ’assets come from real estate investment FINANCE SYSTEM and current assets in Malaysia. A search term was developed using in-depth Malaysian studies to evaluate the Malaysian real estate FINANCE SYSTEM by credit providers in the primary market and by the car that needs to be included in the real estate market. The second house in which the Malaysian Real Estate Finance System was found to be more efficient and comparable to other developed countries with a strong budget market, a second active budget market, and capital. Another survey revealed that there are a total of 57 financial LOANS institutions that started asset loans in Malaysia with 26 commercial banks, 16 Islamic banks, Islamic banks, 11 Food Banks, and Special Institutions. In the case of Malaysian NPLs, infrastructure facilities are the largest NPLs in the country, and a subsequent survey found that the number of NPLs in the country has been rising since 2015, after a decade of decline. This study authorizes the review of NPL assets in the country so that the NPL assets can be considered as part of the national financial law to control and control the amount of NPL assets.NPLs in the country. Finally, this also contributes to the development of a well-established real estate market in Malaysia.

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