Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)


Our NY -led real estate and real estate (REIT) client is one of the North American business owners and operates and operates publicly, in a sales combination, with mixed equipment. The company has more than four hundred stores and service centers with an area of   70 million square feet overlooking the U.S. market. The company has over 60 years of professional experience in real estate purchasing, development, and management.


Great opportunities and access to business processes


Buyers have a legacy as a business center. Careful company records, including receipt management systems used by marketing, operations, and other departments, are stored in a secure database. The existing set has not yet been able to meet the growth expected of companies and consumers.

Legacy solutions pose security risks because they use old protocols and only use many open source firewalls. Most of the repair work is manual.


Fast and timely migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud


Trigent studies a comprehensive analysis of customer data center services to understand trends, different operating systems, security and memory usage, and memory usage Trigent has also created a variety of new security and control systems over the years. Develop efficient migration methods, which develop designs (high and medium), with organized systems.

In terms of making it business-minded, efficient, and controllable, we encourage customers to submit their products to the Azure website throughout the year. Script enhancements also include native distributions in Azure.


Through the use of Azure computing, security, networking, and security services as well as the use of Microsoft’s Cloud Adaptation System for Azure, has improved the stability, management, and benefits of the portfolios they use Azure.


This year’s web expert conducted a thorough overview of customer service, surveyed the area, and compiled a complete list of the following items:


• Tools that can be used, including servers, scales, hard drives, etc.

Performance and safety measures

Ask for it and put it down

• Use and save energy

• Risk and risk recovery plan

• Save the server access


User support

By applying their key features to Microsoft Azure, they can now deliver and add services faster and at a lower cost. With the use of Azure computing services, security, network, and security as well as the use of Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption System for Azure, customers can quickly run, operate and profit from Azure revenue.


• Of course if necessary to cope with stress during use

• Allow sensitive customer information to access data quickly

• Break time online and consider 99.9% of Azure verified time

• Reduce the cost of all security and confidentiality

• Supports the rapid growth and expansion of the client’s business

• We have created a safe environment

Ensure continuity of work through management and risk management

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