When one of the largest properties bought the Manhattan building, they sold more than the minimum value of their wallet. They also found the controversy over a reasonable portion of the $ 5 operating costs. real estate Before the customer accepted, the facility changed five times in five years, some problems were problematic. Employers also involve a well-known state-owned company and two well-known state-owned companies in the dispute. The real estate company sought help from MSM.


The goal of a real estate company is to draw up a budget properly so that they can examine the claims of high-level owners who do not even accept other claims.

Our role

Through real estate several meetings and conferences with the client and their employers, and after reviewing conflicting claims and written articles, RSM has allowed our clients to resolve disputes quickly without affecting the value of our clients. . We recently stopped helping a patient adjust their annual work schedule after a dispute with employers over a matter that caused the patient over $ 100,000 in excessive debt.

The results

  • Because of these two successes and very quickly, this large global marketing company has built a long-term relationship with RMM to meet different needs. They maintain RSM under the following conditions:
  • They benefit from their annual maintenance service (CAM) and funding for most of the United States, which has 15 to 23 headquarters and 400 to 650 employees. Since 2009, we have helped our clients report millions of dollars in six errors, which has helped end many conflicts in the future.
  • $ 1 million in dispute resolution assistance was achieved through senior staff who satisfied the client in all cases.
  • An in-depth financial analysis of future events, including:
  • Ashtray
  • Financial overview
  • Or ARGUS currency mode
  • Note from Estoppel
  • Popularity improves information production

By quickly demonstrating their understanding and ability to respond to this complex need in complex situations, the RSM sales team has created an entire network that allows them to communicate.

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