The purpose of financial advertising is to improve the efficiency of financial services. Appropriate systems need to be improved to facilitate real security and maintain real storage space in the most congested. The purpose of home improvement is to bring clarity and confidence to the industry. The 2016 RERA Act was passed and implemented on May 1, 2016, giving Indian companies the first efficient business. The goal is to create fair and equitable communication between the customer and the supplier and to make communication responsive and transparent. I built and bought houses in a small town in North India and thought that all plans and authorities should be registered so that they could do business in the area. Meanwhile, the Benam Real Estate Repair Act, a tool to control corruption in India, started in November 2016. Then came another good night when I was a real estate agent and sat in my office and quit the business. The Government of India recently banned Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000 on national television. As a company, I felt it would affect real estate, as an eighty-eight percent of the state budget was spent. In the first letter, I thought it would lower house prices because landlords pay 30-40% tax protection. The last part of this exchange was the Real Estate and Services Tax Act of 2017, which made housing negotiations more difficult. By 2018, antique and classic stores have already formed, so the decline in retail sales will continue in the future. In addition to reports, there are many cases of grief when money is stuck in old plans. After all these changes in the team, as a founder, I thought about how the outside world could change our business, and the participants needed to understand the change. Life changes to stay on the team.

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