Clients design, manufacture, license and support a variety of web-based software products for the Real Estate Industry. The company’s software products include a timeless system that can be used to provide Lead, Key Management, Prospecting, Networking, and production tools. The product is available worldwide and works with local MLS 160. More than 1,300 offices representing 40,000 delegates worldwide use its products.

Project plan

Re-register Office Suite in Java / J2EE.

User issues

Customers want to create platforms for Office products from IPP technology to Java Suite Technology Site Office products have a software management model, independent MLS tools, open space, drop-down ads (Prospector), and many others growing up. \

You use PHP and Java in Applications via PHP / Java Bridge

Java / J2EE.

As you know, PHP 4 already supports the extension of PHP integration with Java, but PHP integration with Java in PHP 5 or PHP 6 requires installing PHP / Java Bridge, which is defined by the site to:

“… By implementing XML Streaming Link, it can be used to integrate Native Script Engine, PHP Model, Project or Python, through Java Operating System.”

In this article, you will learn how to install and configure PHP / Java Bridge and use the Java compilation with PHP scripts in a demo application. To use PHP / Java Bridge, you must have knowledge of Java SE and the basics of PHP5, and how they work together.

You are using PHP / Java Bridge

The PHP / Java Bridge section can be downloaded as a .zip file from the project page. The design process is based on the Java platform that works with PHP on this bridge. For J2SE, easy installation:

1. Install J2SE 1.6 or higher.

2. Install PHP 5.1.4 or higher.

3. Remove the folder.

4. From the command prompt, go to this folder and type :…> Java –class path Java Bridge war Test Installation

5. In the current folder, you will find an ext folder containing four .jar files. Copy JavaBridge.jar and PHP-script.jar to your J2SE / Java SE device ({Java_HOME} / JRE / lib / ext).

Here’s how to install J2EE PHP / Java Bridge:

1. Copy the Java Bridge. War file into an automatic package of your J2EE server or servlet engine (Tomcat, Resin, etc.).

2. Name the .war name it prepared instead of what you call the new device and rebuild the J2EE server. Wait for the custom design process for your suitable .war device. In this example, the device is called Battle.

3. Try signing up for a new site like this: http: // local host: 8080 / app Name (click test.php).

4. If your J2EE server is running in one location or listening to another channel, configure it accordingly.

PHP / Java Demo Writing

Once you know the basics of PHP / Java Bridge, we can start developing the first PHP / Java Bridge: a flower shop that displays six flower images and their appropriate prices. The script is a PHP script that uses the Java time bean, which will be the “engine” of this tool because the Java team is called Flower Bean. In other words, Java behaves as part of pure business memory and PHP is part of the application. In fact, PHP transfers the flower object to a dedicated Java system and will accept the flower image at a reasonable price and present it to the user. The user can load or unload the cargo from their cart.

Thick solution

The solution is based on Java technology that uses an advanced framework that makes it possible to introduce new information and growing business needs. The entire PHP code is written in Java. Providers also require fewer changes or better yet no changes to database settings

SOA design and web-based services are used to represent integration into enterprise or external systems. Lightweight Java tools are used to keep operations running and scalable to get a lot of traffic.

User support

Trigent helps meet the strict types of requirements required for Website product ads.

The dynamic design provides encapsulation to ensure that one layer can be processed without knowing much about the other components.

Confidence is reduced between parts so that changing one does not have a significant effect on the other components

The most important system ensures MLS feed testing according to strict standards set by the customer quickly and consistently.

 SOA and low-cost services provide high efficiencies that can be used to connect to external systems

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