Customer attitude

The client is the U.S. -operated web hosting company. But applications in SaaS give homeowners, residents, and homeowners more access to where to drive and information they can collaborate on, making it easier to monitor parking, time -consuming and more cost-effective. Residents monitoring

The challenges

Customers have been looking for various types of software that can help property managers create customized product information and provide complete answers on all matters. Registration should improve vehicle knowledge and personal licensing and give managers and supervisors a better idea of   driving license timing.

Registration is the removal of all gray areas until residents know the laws on accommodation and promote Internet access. They were asked to gather parking information and obtain information as well as actual repairs.

Over time, customers will need to occasionally update the software to change the way customers access their accommodation system.

Thick solution

Trigent has been the largest software services partner since October 2014 and over the years has helped make software changes exceed customer expectations.

• Engineers actively work with user communications heads to adapt to different pilots and equipment without compromising safety. Residents can quickly book their stops and carriers on their phones or tablets.

• The group does several things, such as:

Easy-to-use dashboard

O Suitable for sitting down and buying new ones

Residents come and move from time to time

Time zone effectiveness

Traffic exchange between owners/residents

Data for future occupants

O Notice

Owner article reviews

Set the choice of guests to be removed

Fire Road and my location report

List of tasks

Information for real estate agents

As the number of customers increased, the Trigent team helped launch software for Amazon AWS. This program has helped reduce the reliability of the building. Prices also went down and offerings increased

Active engineers regularly review cloud performance and provide support to customer teams to develop the required software.

User support

Improved performance has resulted in customer engagement and an increase in the customer base of up to 100 percent in the United States.

Moving to Amazon AWS buildings has controlled building prices and given buyers the strength to grow customers without paying extra.

The customer focus on providing a clear picture of consumption has resulted in lasting customer relationships.

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