This Manchester historic venue played an important role during the Revolution, but more recently it has been the birthplace of many love clubs, as well as hosting one of the best football clubs.

Looking to the future, there is great hope for Manchester, as growing businesses are located within the city of this culture. The potential for digital technology is on the rise and as Silicon Valley threatens the existence of digital technology in the US, the UK is expanding its technology base in the north.

Many have spoken of the opportunities that Manchester can offer and will provide in the technology and digital industry. Read on to find out what makes Manchester one of Silicon Valley and what opportunities it brings to the economy of the entire city.

What exactly is Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley is an independent recreational area located in San Francisco, California. The name comes from the silicone used in computer games, as it was the site of the companies that first developed and developed these games.

Over the years, however, the department has aroused the interest of many tech businesses, known as international organizations such as Apple, Google, and HP. These technical areas are heavily regulated by the region and have encouraged economic growth in the region.

Silicon Valley is now the largest manufacturer of manufacturing technology, compared to anywhere in the US. Its success created hundreds of thousands of jobs in the country, with an annual turnover of about $ 125,580 in 2016. Due to this huge growth, operating and operating company in the region, real estate costs and demand have risen. for some progress.

Silicon Valley plays an important role in the US economy, as it offers more job opportunities than anywhere else in the US, and in the meantime, provides an amazing opportunity for the US economy to prosper.

Manchester’s boom labels the city as the next Silicon Valley

The city of Manchester is currently growing rapidly and is well known among the arts and digital industries. It is making it a popular city outside of London for these industries, with no signs of slowing down. Low labor costs and low housing prices drive businesses from the capital to the northern city.

Manchester was famous for inventing the term, North-shoring, which describes the operation of small technical and digital businesses from London to Manchester. Yes, Manchester has a lot to offer these businesses at a lower cost of use and lifestyle. Manchester also offers a way of life for these businesses and their teams.

Let us consider the contribution to the growth of the northern city:

1. A large and growing network of likeminded people

Going north means the city is home to thousands of technologies and mathematics. While new businesses are looking for a mentor to guide them in promoting or looking for a point for young people to join their team, they can be sure that they will find the right person for their business. of Manchester.

There are also several technical networks, including Tech North and MadLab, dedicated to supporting local tech businesses. ‘Technology at the start and extension of the journey.

2. One of the best business schools in the country

Manchester has one of the largest student numbers in the country, as well as the University of Manchester, Salford University, and Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). It attracts students to the city every year.

In addition, MMU is also home to one of the largest business schools in the country. MMU Business School has grown in digital and technology skills in the city, and now offers several courses that address the skills development needed to succeed in this industry.

This application brings together many young professionals in Manchester who are committed to starting their careers in many technologies and digital industries. So, tech entrepreneurs considering moving to Manchester can feel safe knowing that there is a pool of talent that will help grow their businesses.

3. Local startup incentives and initiatives

Government agencies have high hopes and plans for the future of Manchester in technology, with George Osborne donating more than $ 4 million in his 2015 Budget to improve the number of phones in Manchester. Since then, the local council has met to consider the future “Project Forward”, which aims to see the potential of Manchester technology, with plans to build more than 70,000 square meters of art space. , especially in the city.

Besides, Manchester maintains one of the lowest sales tax rates anywhere in the world by 20 percent, so businesses can expect even higher profits. They live by moving to Manchester.

There is also a lot of effort in Manchester, which aims to help beginners succeed. Promotional structures are designed to help businesses grow, and businesses in these areas receive discounts of up to five years.

What’s in store for the UK’s Silicon Valley?

We found out exactly what is being done and is being done in Manchester, bringing technology and the digital industry to the city. Due to the popularity of these businesses, the city has more than 52,000 professionals working together, expecting a digital value of 2.9 billion.

To continue to grow and improve its image as Silicon Valley UK, Manchester wants to develop the city, meeting these requirements.

Property investment is rising

With the growth of technology businesses in the city, the number of office-based search opportunities from the community has increased. Rewards from Colliers International found that 40 percent of office space comes from businesses in the professional sector.

To meet this need, there has been an increase in jobs and housing improvements. New locations in the city, including Middlewood Locks, are being announced by MediaCity for expansion, for example. Each of these improvements aims to increase the number of places and offices in Manchester.

The cost of buying or renting a home in Manchester is expected to increase over time, as developers and investors are aware of the need for these highly marketable opportunities. In the coming years, investors will want to make more money in Manchester. The technology industry is run by young people, and as Manchester grows to make technology a global hub, young professionals flock to the city, looking for bigger projects. This means that every investor must buy a building in Manchester.

A look at the investment in Manchester’s transport networks

Manchester’s growing popularity means better transportation, hosting businesses, and people moving to the city. Transportation improvements will also lead to increased costs, as well as rising commodity prices.

The Greater Manchester (TFGM) transit has seen growth in the local economy and a look to the future, with home transportation plans by 2040! It is a matter of great concern to TFGM that there is a growing problem over the years, such as the growing popularity of Manchester.

There is also a shocking HS2 project, with a fast-track network designed to reduce travel time between major UK cities, including trips from London and Birmingham to Manchester. Work leading to these southern cities is expected to begin in Manchester from 2025 and end in 2033. This important international trip will allow Manchester businesses to create networks with new and existing businesses.

Over time, the upgrading of Manchester Airport is expected to make it easier to travel from the northern city to other countries. Another development that will benefit the Manchester tech industry more is the new “Man-Fran” line from Manchester to San Francisco and the Virgin Atlantic.

The airline is aware of the need for future technology opportunities in Manchester to integrate a major US technology component. of Silicon Valley. This 11-hour trip now gives these businesses a simple and easy way to start relationships with technology businesses overseas. It will also provide an opportunity to grow its global business.

Other airport upgrades include a £ 1bn upgrade to terminal 2, in line with increasing existing routes as well as reducing congestion at airports and roads, while improving waiting times.

From the technology industry itself to local councils, building builders, and investing in past projects, there is a lot of sadness when it comes to the future of Manchester tech and digital. It remains to be seen whether it will reach the Silicon Valley level, however, there is some growth and the future of Manchester shows great promise.

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