Real estate agents hear the following question from retailers: why does the sale take so long?

Even with real estate, we will have a short and first sale shortly. Many landlords are under the sea, and sometimes in the coming years, these people may have situations, such as changing jobs or divorce, forcing them to sell and lose.

Short-term pricing arises because a mortgage that exceeds the purchase price does not include the sale price. In case of a short sale, the customer asks the bank to receive a smaller amount than required.

Even if you make a request and the customer accepts it, it’s not a very good thing. The sale must be approved by the consumer bank and the transaction may take place later. Banks lose money due to short transactions and have no interest. I don’t understand that. Let’s say you borrowed $ 100 from a friend and he later came to you saying he could only pay $ 75. How easy is it to build a cave? Probably not.

It is important to note that the customer and his representative cannot control this transaction. The success of a small sale – and how long a short sale lasts – depends largely on the writer’s company. If the agent doesn’t have a known short sale, it’s like a waste of time. A good brand representative gives the seller real advice and a thorough overview of the bank and its operations before accepting the offer.

That’s why some stores take longer and take advice.

The consumer bank has to deal with the lack of sales

To grant a marketing authorization, the borrower needs a short package from the buyer. As with the package delivered to obtain a loan, the money must be sent by the seller. The seller wants to check the mortgage and the customer’s property, check the credit card details and the purchase agreement. Also, why does a bank allow short sales when a million-dollar customer remains in the bank?

What you can do: A good sales chain has short and full stores. Once the offer has been received, the agent can sign and accept the customer’s information.

Articles disappear, pages disappear, people signposts

Most banks require hundreds of pages with short sales, and many pages require login from customers, sellers, and agents. If one page is missing or one character is left blank, the page will not work. Usually, the competitor turns all 100 pages and stops. Sometimes it takes several months for the bank to receive a response and notify the representative of its absence.

What you can do: Be motivated. The representative should contact the bank after sending a short parcel, especially in the case of fax. Confirm the receipt. Make sure you get the name and phone number of the person you’re talking to.

Some texts age quickly

It can take several weeks between the “preparation” of a newspaper and the information reaching the judges, which is reviewed and discussed. Are there any other statements that will come at the beginning of the month and remain at the end? Your old bank account may not be working and your bank needs to be upgraded. If this happens, it may take several weeks or weeks to contact the customer or agent.

What you can do: Check your daily information on your credit card and statement to see if a new order is coming. If so, remove it immediately.

The lender needs more information

The Borrower may request financial confirmation from the Client, renew the main key account or request additional confirmation of the Client’s problem (loss of employment, divorce, termination of employment). The consultant may request additional information.

What you can do: The buyer and agent will be happy to respond, as the process may be delayed by a few weeks. Try to think of yourself as a banker and think of possible possibilities. Provide as much information as possible.

All credit 2

Temporary trading in one bank is very difficult. Can you imagine two banks, each with its own function, without cooperation? Everything can be repaid within months. The other person may request additional information before accepting. Alternatively, a second loan can provide a good guarantee for 30 days. If the debtor confirms the number 1 by day 31, the buyer must return to the original supplier for confirmation.

What you can do: Understand each bank’s time slip and look at time frames.

A compromise can die at the last minute

When the wallet is ready and you are interrogated over the phone, a light will come on at the end of the road. After this time, the judge can exchange the buyer for the price. Or they agree to buy it only if the buyer invests. They can still ask the Commission to remove it. With nothing to say, the bank’s proposal could now kill the tax. And there is no way to predict exactly where they will return.

What you can do: Don’t wait for the bank to accept a low-interest rate. If the customer has money in the bank, he must be ready to make a gift, otherwise, he will need a lot of money. Sometimes a bank just looks at its base and it doesn’t matter how everyone gets there. Buyers, sellers, and manufacturers must work together to enable the transaction.

Advertising is everything

From time to time, all parties stand and stand and monitor activities – until the sale is suspended. What is even worse is that sometimes the training department does not work with one bank and the short-term sales department. They may have a good gift for a short sale on the table, but the seller has six months left in the boss, causing systematic pressure. And the cleaning process can win every one. When this happens, the buyer’s contract is no longer on the table because the recently delivered buyer no longer buys. According to the press release, the house belongs to the bank.

Quick sales practices

The best solution is to divide your fears or problems into smaller steps. Contact your customer representative and the bank around the clock. If the agent has no experience in short-term marketing, the chances of an event continue.

The salesperson knows how other banks are doing, what they are planning, and how they are doing in the office. But even the most experienced traders may face wall tiles or problems they can’t overcome. If you notice a short sale of your favorite home, but you don’t believe in a real estate agent much, try not to like it too much. They don’t worry if the stores don’t go well.

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