Your family has been in the real estate business for months. You have no advice unless you are paid. Why

Many follow the market. But in most cases, your next step should be cleaning the market house, getting a “rest” list, reassessing the value of your questions, giving him or her a charm, and then coming back. Then go to the festival. When you do this, you could sell at a higher price than you originally requested. I’ve seen this happen many times.

There are many reasons why a Family home may not be sold on time. It may be too expensive or it may not look good – the furniture/paint is too dirty, lots of equipment, no fixed prices. For whatever reason, here are three things you can try to make your home more expensive:

1. Take a moment for marketing

Reports can be “rotten” over time in the eyes of potential customers. If your home has not been sold within 90 days, buyers will start asking why they think it is wrong in most cases. If they consider it more important than a newcomer.

Remember, the customer base is growing. If someone gets a contract and closes it, the new buyer will contact the representative Family before they start searching. Remove the product from the market for about three months. When you return to the market, there is a new set of suppliers, and you need to be “new” to see your results.

2. Evaluate the value of your question

I know of a house in San Francisco that has been on the market for months. After much research (almost three months), the land was taken out at a low rental price. It ended with more money and more sales than the first order. If you don’t have a reasonable price for your questions, don’t worry about choosing a list. The sale price of goods. You will not want to stay in the market for the next 3-6 months.

3. Improve the appearance of your devices

You may not want to make a change the first time because you do not want to spend money. If you’re not ready yet, consider selling your home. Similarly, now is the time to test your product from potential customers.

Whether you’re Family doing something simple, tidy, not too expensive, like a fresh coat of paint, another set, adding flowers to the front garden, or cleaning the kitchen, there’s a difference often large. Some money was earned at higher closing rates later.

Get new ideas for your home meeting, friends, and anyone you trust with suggestions. Maybe it’s time to get advice from another representative, someone who will take a fresh look. Whatever you do, turn to build suggestions to make your Family home more desirable.

The goal is to learn from your experience, take a vacation from your home, and find a new way to attract new customers. When the stock market fills up, small stocks can grow into big stocks.

Brendon Demimonde is a real estate agent in San Francisco and New York. He wrote Zillow’s blog, collaborated with many sources, and appeared regularly in some media outlets. You can follow Brendon on Twitter.

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