the storm

If your area is experiencing extreme weather, such as hurricanes or hurricanes, such as hurricanes or tornadoes, you may want to consider building a residential storm in your home. Storm huts can be arranged to meet the needs and location of your home to gain easy access, security of your essentials, and to act as a haven in times of crisis. If you live in an area with bad weather, such as Savannah, GA, or Miami, FL, they may not have suitable accommodation.

What is a living storm?

A storm shelter is a safe place to protect yourself from bad weather and flying debris and to strengthen your shelter from storms Hurricane homes can happen in a variety of ways, including fixed, underground, or above ground. Having a storm shelter near or in your home eliminates the problem of finding a safe place to live during a storm or hurricane.

Think about the kind of place you live

In the event of a storm or strong winds, the finished house can remain indoors. Guaranteed accommodation can cost $ 5,000 – $ 20,000 or more. This pile is similar to a barn but weighs 24,000 pounds.

If you live in a hurricane area, a residential basement is a great living solution that is affordable and its maintenance is more than double that. However, keep in mind that such houses are not suitable for storms as they can flood.

You can also build storm huts in your home. The most expensive and most expensive living room is installed in your living room and installed on the concrete floor. You can install a fireplace system in your storage area, closet, or laundry room so that an area higher than two will be a living room space to protect you.

What is a living storm?

The living room of a house or living room with a dry outdoor shower is called a sandwich skin, which is attached to the walls and ceiling. The sandwich skin consists of two layers made of 3/4 inch plywood, covered with nuts in one way or another. Plywood absorbs the impact of flying material.

For the “safe” part (or inside) of the living room, a 15-gauge metal sheet prevents trash from re-entering the room. The skin should be placed on the outside or inside or attached to the back, while the upper metal should be in the storm area.

Install metal gates on your front door

The living room in your home needs a three-box metal door next to heavy fabric. Once installed, fasten the steel rods to the fish using 3-inch screws or 3-inch screws, inserting them into the holes in each whole 6. Two-inch 10d hungry and 6 inches on each side. There is peace in your home now. For more information on building hurricane shelters, click here.

Planning a hurricane shelter takes time and proper planning. Thus, installing it in your home can be a huge expense to protect you during a severe storm.

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