Top 5 Requirements for Real Estate in India

As the June 2021 – 22 budget approaches, India’s best real estate companies have set their requirements for this segment. In this context, we will focus on the five best options selected by NAREDCO and CREDAI.


• In 2017, the RBI promised debt quality control (LTV) of up to 90% of the debt of 30 Lakh or less. According to NAREDCO, LTV should be added to some Requirements real estate loans and private homes to provide affordable housing.

• Another requirement raised by the Department of Employment is to allow employers to have interest for tax purposes without cover. To encourage property buyers, the current interest reduction should be waived following section 24 of the IT Act 1961 Requirements for real estate and Rs 2 lakh. There is a similar view, CREDAI estimates that the boundary of these 2 Lakh Rimi should be above 5 Lakh.

CREDAI must also be reduced under Section 80C of the discharge, which must rise above the 150,000 marks. Reducing the maximum mortgage interest rate can take place independently or independently. The initial increase in these loans encourages homeowners to save money.

Housing is expensive

• CREDAI wants to change the concept of affordable housing. The Requirements real estate agent requires that the part and carpet can be defined according to RERA as “no more than 90 square meters per meter and 120 square meters in certain areas”. Currently, the range covers 60 square meters in the subway and 90 square meters in non -subway villages.

Regarding equipment rental, NAREDCO expects to raise the MFI tax. And again, to sell rental premises, the 30% discount must increase from the annual rent (maintenance) level to 50%. This will not only improve the return on investment but also encourage residents to invest in residential areas to add to the list.

Collection of suffering in SWAMI

Efforts continue to raise a SWAMIH fund of approximately $ 25,000 to support the recognized housing segment. However, NAREDCO believes that allowing poor teams to help the last mile is a difficult task.

Exceptions to REIT -related terms

A REIT is a way to solve the housing problem. At the same time, vendors are allowed to promote their business. There are currently no conditions. CREDAI recommends including a Section 80 C option in investment fees for REITs starting at $ 50,000.

Again, to get REIT / REQUEST shares to acquire long-term assets, it must be done within 36 months. A reduction in processing time to 12 months, if required for this work, could lead to immediate REIT approval and transfer of shares made to REITs at the same interest rate as return on investment.

Water system

Soon, but not less, adaptation – which is sometimes important – is a necessity for this team to improve the level when it comes to removals and approved upgrades. Like any relationship, business relationship agreements with a seller have consequences.

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