Panvel is a hot spot for rainy season events. Panvel is a place with outdoor options for everyone, from children to adults. This is a special place for pedestrians and cyclists. Children can also explore the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. If you have a site in Panvel or an apartment, you are there to enjoy this image over the weekend. We list here the most happening places in Panvel to see all but one.

1. Carnival and Holy Bird

Just 10 km away from the city, the Karnala Bird Sanctuary is an important landmark. It is a protected area and allows you to experience the forest in a safe environment. You can go here with your friends and take your kids on a day trip to Panvel.

2. Fortified Karnala

The Karnala Fort is a great place to introduce walking fun to your children. This fort is located on Highway-Mumbai road. Monitors the Karnala Bird Sanctuary. The Karnala Tower looks full and is a real pleasure for the designers. If you invest in the Panvel project, you can easily get into the tower.

3. Fortress of Prabalgad

Prabalgad Fort was built 2300 feet above sea level. This tower is a walking experience. The peak is also called Kalimantan Drug. If you enjoy joining the adrenaline rush activity, you should travel here. It is advisable to follow an expert guide and every step should be done carefully. The ride to Prabalgad is for experienced travelers. Only the best experts can visit the Kalimantan conference.

4. Manikgad Fortress

The fort of Manikgad is a mountain peak in the city of Manikgad. The top of the tower is just to the right. The other side is not clean. The tower was formerly a place of study. So it gives a clear view of the environment. It is recommended that only those passing through this tower be involved.

5. Yusuf Meherally Center

If you want to meet new people, you need to go to Yusuf Meherally Center. It is a voluntary organization. This is for the benefit of the people in the countryside. In the center, you will find beautiful furniture, handicrafts, and handmade soap.

Panvel has grown into a great city for buildings. There are major improvements to the pipeline, and this could be a great option. There are many accommodation plans that offer a safe life. One such project is Indiabulls Park along with Indiana Real Estate. This is one of the award processes in the heart of the original city of Panvel. It is close to Navi Mumbai International Airport. Panvel is your health game, so why not buy an apartment in Panvel of this fun style?

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