Make the first year of your new home a good one – this season’s plans will help you do just that.


Thank you! You have just moved into your new home. The first step, of course, is to relax, sit down and enjoy the new world. But according to what?

This report will help you keep track of important home maintenance activities, especially in the first year of a new residence.

The first three months

You will always have a hard time staying and staying, so we don’t recommend you take on too much work for several months. So, there are a few things you can think of.

Change all the keys, and do the rest.

Use an efficient energy-saving system to save money from heat and heat:

• Stick to laundry in the office and/or outdoors to reduce soap costs.

• Reduce the hot water temperature to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Often the hottest water temperature people need, and lowering the temperature avoids great danger.

• Install a thermostat system and learn to use it.

• If you make your home comfortable before children and animals, you will feel comfortable again! Hold babies and hold animals if necessary.

Home maintenance

We planned the event for spring, but something has changed. This is just an encouragement, so make it work for you!


• Install a ring fan to reduce overhead or release an existing fan. Guide your followers through the razor blade in the hot months, and the cold months.

• Inspect wall panels for damage, openings, or damage. You don’t have to ride all the time to do this. In some cases, you can do this from the bottom to the lens.

• Cover roofs and gutters with leaves and waves.

• Repair large cracks in concrete or sidewalks. Do this in warmer weather, if you can strengthen a few days at the right time for healing.

• Check refrigeration equipment and change filters if necessary.

• Invite the oven to inspect and hold. You can pay less for this service by booking it at your leisure.

• Clean and repair or install windows and shutters.

It will fall

• Close cracks in windows and doors that are locked or locked in the weather.

• Fill the outside of the water pipe and close the outside of the pump.

• Clean carpets. You can do it anytime, but it’s fun to do it before the holidays!

• Add a new look to the sculptor.

• Replace the alarm with a smoke detector and carbon dioxide emitter. The best way to remember this task is to do it while you manage time to save the day.

• Dust in a warm place, and keep it clean.

Find out by planning – or adding – outdoor lighting in front of your home and street. This helps protect people from primary contamination.


• Dry hair extensions with Zip-It or a cleaning drum.

• Clean the oven. Once you’re there, make sure your kitchen utensils are ready before the holiday season arrives.

• Inspect furniture on the roof of your home or living room and add extras if needed. A general rule of good practice: store up to 12 inches in the upper compartment and 16 inches if you sit in a very cold place.

• Make a family fire safety plan and do a little practice to make sure everyone knows what to do in an emergency.

• Protect snow and ice containers, such as shovels, ice, and salt, or sand.

• Gather your family’s emergency supplies with water, food, medicine, electricity, and other necessities.


• Clean and sanitize (if possible) stairs, balconies, and stairs to prepare for living outdoors.

• Remove foreign utensils, and clean items until ready to cook meat in the backyard.

• Wash all windows in the spring – inside and out

• Plant a tree. This is a wonderful family event to do in your new home. Plant a tree with a shade plan in a nice, bright place in your residence.

• When you experience the last fire of the season, close the fire area where the earth and insects escape.

• Inspect and inspect your garden tools and lawnmowers to make sure they are ready for the hard-working season in your yard.

• Since this is your first time living in a new home, take the time to check out your yard before making major changes. See where the sun rises at different times of the day. Always check the normal. Write a note about what you want about the current world situation and what you want to change or add to the country.

Most importantly, enjoy your new home! Following some of these maintenance tasks will help you love your home for years to come.

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