Learning to do a lot of work at home takes time and commitment, but recent research shows that there is one thing that guarantees to increase your income: happiness. If that sounds too simple, no. We surveyed the latest platforms around the country to see how they make money with profitable homes and buildings. We have seen happy delegates receive more than 3 times more than representatives who are dissatisfied with their jobs.

But why are delegates happy to do more than that?

Can happier representatives see more – and more – than agents who are dissatisfied with their jobs?

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In response, we looked at a study done at the University of Warwick that found that employees had 12% more productivity. This study tested 700 studies in four different experiments. In one, several participants were given free chocolates and fruit for a comedy video. Several participants were asked about recent family problems. Then, the performance of each group was assessed when the happy group came out clearly on top.

One of the researchers who led the study, told the university after the study, “The motivation seems to be that employees enjoy using their time wisely, increasing the speed at which they can work without giving up. It’s worth it.”

Happiness is the key to success

Alexander Kjerulf, founder and CEO of Happiness at Boohoo Inc. in Denmark, has set up a consulting firm on how to make the workplace more enjoyable. Some of its customers include Ikea, Microsoft, Volvo, and Shell.

She considers herself an expert in happiness at work and has ten reasons why she considers happiness to produce greater productivity. Here are some of Kjerulf comments on how people enjoy working:

• People are happy to work well with others.

• Be more creative.

• They solve problems.

• They are optimistic.

• They have no chance of making a mistake.

Kjerulf was so intrigued by the effect of happiness on the job that he wrote a book devoted to the topic. Tip: You can read three free chapters here.

Want to know more? Happy

For some people, happiness comes naturally and for others, it can be a challenge. If you want to be more productive, creative, and ultimately more productive, it’s important to learn to be happy. Bonus? You will probably enjoy some aspects of your life!

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