You may be afraid of moving to a whole new place for yourself, especially if your future hometown is big, busy, and different from anywhere else in the world. When you think about moving to London you often think about what it will be like to live in the capital, or what to expect when you arrive and during the settling-in period.

Whether you have already purchased your property in London or are planning to explore the local area before making an informed decision, we are at your disposal with lots of useful information before your big move. Our top eight tips for new residents to London should give you all kinds of know-how on how to quickly get yourself set up so you can live like a local all the time.

1. Go to the area

It is not enough to say that London is big enough. Different districts and districts can vary widely in what they offer and in the community they offer. This is why it’s so important to wander around – wherever you decide to buy a property – to see what’s on offer, where like-minded people spend their time, and how you can benefit from it. it is best to use the area without venturing too far.

2. Find out where your local resources are.

From the nearest subway stop for the morning commute to the nearest grocery store to buy your milk along the way, check out the local amenities ready when you need them. Your London apartment will be near a supermarket, tube station, bus stop, or pharmacy wherever you live in London.

3. Familiarize yourself with public transportation

From the subway to the bus system, from the DLR to the city bike system, there is an abundance of public transport throughout the city connecting your home with all parts of London. Given the multitude of routes and stops on offer, it is worth getting used to the transportation system so you know how to use it to get to your destination. Driving in London is a nightmare so you can assume that you will be using this system daily.

4. Get an oyster card

As you move around town and get used to the transportation system, be sure to get an Oyster card before you leave. This stylish card is a great way to top up cash that you can use for your city trips. Once you’ve added the amount of cash you need, simply scan your card when you step through the subway gates or get on the bus and do the same when you reach your destination. The entire cost of your trip is then deducted from your Oyster card so you don’t have to worry about paying for every trip you take.

5. Review your budget

As one of the most influential cities and economies in the world, London can be quite expensive to live, work, and socialize. That said, this great destination is worth a stay, but it can also mean overloading your budget.

You all know what your mortgage or rental costs are and what your extra bills are, but if you’re not included in your travel or socializing costs in London, now may be the time to make some changes. This way you will know exactly how much income you have and how you can benefit from it.

6. Attack the first few scenes

If you’re planning on living like a local in London, avoid the tourist attractions as much as possible, especially on weekends. Of course, London’s famous sights are worth exploring, but we recommend that you do it as soon as possible when on the move. This way, you can spend more time getting locally used to London life.

Did you know: Several hop-on-hop-off bus companies can get you to any attraction in no time. Grab a two or three-day ticket and you will have seen all the attractions in all their glory from the first days of your stay in London.

7. Make the most of London at your fingertips

Wherever you choose to stay in London, chances are you won’t be too far from one of the capital’s five major airports. This means that, in addition to some major train stations like Euston and St. Pancras, you can reach other parts of the UK and many international destinations. Traveling across the country or overseas has never been easier than living in London like a local.

8. Learn to move through time without stopping.

If you are used to living quietly, you may want to mentally prepare yourself for your new life in London. With millions of people choosing to live in the capital and even more to work, the pace of life is much faster than you might be used to. To survive like a real Londoner you have to adapt to the hustle and bustle that surrounds you and awaits you throughout the city.

9. Look for future opportunities

This is more for you if you have settled down and life in London is pleasant enough. If you could have lived in London for a long time, why not keep an eye on the housing market and the opportunities that arise? With many redeveloped and functioning areas offering great properties at affordable prices, you may later find a more suitable property that is perfect for a move or rental income investment.

Moving to London can be very stressful and scary at first, but don’t let that stop you. Like so many others before you, once you get used to the city and slowly take root, you will no longer think about living anywhere else.

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