In 2002, Millennium when Dara Alperen Cipollone bought her first home in East Boston, her real estate agent said she was ready for construction. With a bachelor’s degree in health systems management from the University Of Connecticut School Of Business and many years of health management experience, Dara pursued this program at home. He treats things the same way like his medicine: yes, from start to finish, whether they buy or sell, his clients have a contract and a goal. The Department’s ability to listen to text messages and listen to the news was awarded in 2011, 2012, and 2013 by Cartus / USAA, one of the largest human rights advocacy organizations in the country. Then, after more than a decade in the real estate industry, this skill made him a real estate agent with Millennials at RESIS.
Q: How do your Millennium real estate buyers reach you?
A: The Millennium often comes to me for information. This generation is definitely a high-tech generation, but they emphasize the experience and advice of their friends. They can share their experience with their friends and hear from me on Facebook, Linked In, Email, Snapchat, etc. But what they are looking for is customer service, personal communication, and the kind of friend/partner/relationship that they see positively.
Question: Where can you connect with your Millennium Realtor?
A: I join my Millennium members with obedience. I try not to print the information; I try to patiently wait for the important and respond to the information they need. This generation is used to using research in a way they can control. Some customers want to search using tons of research. Some people have asked me to do a summary of the market data and give the exact order at the market price. Give everyone a chance to set a ton of speed and how much information I display. When answering their questions, set a specific value for each person and give them the type of information they need (e.g. Face Time, SMS, email, meetings, phone calls, etc.). Strong communication then.
Q: Millennium furniture buyers seem to be interns?
A: They don’t always do it right, but I know that the Millennium will explore the meaning of society. In their stories and the questions they asked, I researched these trends. They want to live in a place called their home. They want to live in a neighborhood, not just an apartment or house. They want to know how to go about their daily lives going to a local store or restaurant, parenting clubs and sporting events, walking the streets, etc.
Q: What are the challenges Millennials face in the Boston market?
A: The ban on consumers of Millennium goods in the Boston market has already reached the list below. The millennials in the Boston market seem to be well suited, and the clients we work with retail to get the most out of their products. Their problem is to attract potential customers who agree to sign up. The second major problem is getting something out of their budget that they plan to invest. Although they want to buy, many have no money to spend and no time or experience to complete the promotion.
They are also worried that the house they are building is important and they can build it too. Even if they buy a home for the long chase, millennial buyers want their property to rise in value, so they earn big with their money.
Q: What issues do you see when working with people selling Millennium products?
A: My biggest challenge in working with people in the Millennium is seeing that I know more than myself! Millennium demand is available in an entire lab. I wanted to stay in the market with all the new articles to help them find misinformation and what was being ignored. For example, well-known portraits of this housework illustrate the idea that mixing can be mixed. Unfortunately, in Boston’s hot market, this point is not true. The tools and other resources of the world and the means they get from friends and family in certain markets are not used here. Also, some companies may not match any of the information they are looking for. Visitors to the millennium spend a lot of time looking at the ruined buildings. They often demand things like a two-story building that sells for $ 100,000 less than they see. Know the value of my internal and external market – unit position, promotion vs. house visits, floor washing and partitions, ceremonies against their inevitable nature.
Question: What are your suggestions for other millennial workers and real estate agents?
A: My advice on other things to do with your millennial staff is to keep up to date with the latest information on your technology. They won’t always call you at your office or on your mobile phone. You may have a Facebook post or message waiting in your inbox from another customer. Most Millennial marketers communicate directly via text and email and are quick to seek answers.
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