Even with your budget, there are always some products that will increase your sales level.


Even if your home renovations are planned for you or a prospective buyer, consider what they can do with the price of the home before you remove the toolbox (or mobile offer).

A new kitchen or bathroom is sure to impress potential customers, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get the money you put in an expensive drawer.

To help you find a solution that will generate more returns, we asked two industry experts (and one interested in DI Yers) to review.

Renovated kitchen

“Regular kitchen renovations are a great way to give your home value,” said Grace Fancher, building representative at Kansas -based firm Sara Snodgrass. “People love to cook, and everyone is used to meeting in the kitchen. If you add chairs, like an island with chairs, customers go crazy.”

Complete changes are big, but small projects make a big difference if you can’t – if you don’t want to – publish them all. “High-quality products are attached to potential customers – even if you plan to take them,” Fancher said.

He also recommends getting rid of fatigue with a new neutral device. “You don’t want to be too stylish, but you want to look unattractive,” she said. “Everyone wants clean underground white tires now, but it’s not pretty.”

Replacing solar panels (quartz is your best bed, Fancher says) and the earth also has time and money.

Improved bathroom

The size of the cabin in the home can influence the size of the structure, so Fancher recommends adding a second toilet or possibly a renovation to make your residence more spacious.

Joe Monda, the owner of a Seattle contract company, agrees. “People who spend a lot of money to improve their homes before signing it really want to raise the bar for real estate and land,” he said.

But if you are building a bathroom, put your house on the market and simplify. “A lot of people don’t want to pay for renovations, so they want it to be a neutral place that doesn’t focus directly on large DIY warehouses – however,” Fancher said.

He added that the way out is to spend less money on pumps, such as fancy tires and modified items for these big stores.

Can you fix it? Sharyn Young, a self-promoted DIY boy from Minneapolis, said, “Redecorating, or using one of the paint stains, gives a new look to the bathroom.”

Lighting improvements

“The room is brighter,” Fancher said. “And when you sell, you want to be as broad as possible when you look at all the websites.”

He recommends replacing skylights with lights and/or pre-trained surfaces – expensive offers look modern and are large in size.

“LED lighting changed everything,” Young said. “There are many simple and expensive ways to put Ikea kitchen lights under your last home, and I admire the rise that expands the area and cleans it up.”

Paint it

Like lighting, new colored layers can make a room clean and bright. Follow neutral colors like gray and beige, and if you don’t have the time or budget to design an entire home, start with the living room you first saw when you came.

It rises rapidly and rests time increases. “Decorated, dirty,” Fancher says, “can give the buyer the impression that the whole house is dirty.” “The arrangement defines the purpose and shows the client that he has taken care of the house.”

Soil preparation

“Most people don’t see the importance of farming the land, especially if you plan to sell it in the summer or summer,” Fancher said. They want to spend more money on agriculture.

Monad looked at the doorman. Repair or remove broken stones, concrete corridors, and balconies, then replace the entrance with new paint and add clay products. “You want people to be happy,” he said.

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