Are you looking for expert help to double your income? Resident and Construction Coach Sherri Johnson suggests that if you want to do more business than last year, you should choose in advance. Watch the video below for Sherri’s ideas on how to double your salary.


Isn’t it time to watch this month’s best tip video? Summary of key points.

# 1: Double the set time

Doubling the meeting present will give you more activity. It also increases the number of monthly notifications and monthly sales.

“The only way I know I’m getting money from this company is by writing a proposal or writing a listing agreement. So you need to stick to a schedule as often as possible.” – Sherri Johnson

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# 2: Repair the pipes

If you can double the allotted time, you need to build a big canal. For more information on marketing your channel, see Business Processes: Basics for Creating Representatives.

“Build your social network, do it in front of a large crowd and you have plenty of time to travel.” – Sherri Johnson

# 3: Be present with people

The general idea is that if you want to double your family’s income, you need to go there and visit more people. If you want a new list and home and house administration, face-to-face configurations are required. Go there, go to the phone and fit the appointments face to face.

“By calling your phone to make sure it’s done, and getting more than double the amount you’re going to double your workload and double your salary.” – Sherri Johnson

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