Are you ready to get started? Create a complete and functional game plan – it will probably fit under the menu.


Are you thinking of renovating your house but are not sure where to start? If your plan is simple Planning (adjust the swimming pool) or wide (increase the level), do the next five steps before you go into it.

1. Define your needs and desires

If your project listing has a problem, consider this question: What is the goal of your success? Providing space and comfort for your growing family? Renovating a kitchen or bathroom with a modern look? Or do you want to increase the value of the house? Responding to this will determine the breadth of your project.

Next, determine your needs and desires. Is there a stupid solution to the problem? Do you really need a toilet? Or will the increase in zero help solve the morning earthquake problems? On the other hand, if you have a parent who is traveling with you, it may be necessary to change the floor of the bedroom.

Requirements and decisions should be organized, listing the most important to the least important. Choose who you are and who the competitor is. Well, discard some of the tools you need but you can if the whole menu is left.

Some of the fun things are adding a marble stone to the kitchen, putting on a spectacular shower head, or placing a curved crown in the living room. This encourages you to look at those rewards as you progress with your improvement.

2. Take a home test

This is not – educational but important – you need to understand that your home can stop fixing.

Have a need to check the condition: roof, foundation, branches, plumbing and electrical system. If you have problems with these, such as falling on the roof of your house, you should fix the problems before you fix them.

3. Set the menu

When you reach the stage of your project, select the right budget. It will go up by 10 percent again for emergencies.

4. The contract must be paid

If you work with a designer or architect, you can help them choose a contract. So, here are some tips on how to choose a contractor:

• It is a good idea to write your own. Provide contractors with additional project information to make their work. Be prepared to provide plans, information, and information as much as possible about the results and facilities you need as soon as you can.

Gather evidence from your friends, coworkers, and neighbors. There are also many online tools for selecting contracts in your area, and there are many reviews on these findings.

• Write down four or five options, and ask about each phone. Important questions to ask:

• Does your plan match the size and size of the projects you are working on?

• Can they produce cash cards from banks or shops?

• Can a list of older customers be provided?

Do they do many programs at the same time as you? (He wants to listen carefully.)

5. Make a seat

Be prepared for other people to tell you that you can stay in your home during repairs – in most cases, this will not work.

If one toilet seat is being repaired, it may be difficult to stay there. And if any kind of destruction continues, there will be a lot of dirt and dust. So, plan to stay in one place for the season, or have another plan or more.

You have to plan for it to be possible again – you represent the unknown. Improving the great potential of integrating not only your creative skills, but also the opportunity for change.

Problems that take your long-term plan cost a lot of money. But with proper planning and careful attention, your mode will be successful. And who knows – you might as well do it sooner rather than later!

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