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You’re ready to move on, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up your original thing.

It’s time for the lives of many homeowners if it’s time to move on to the next House. Maybe it’s because of a job change, the arrival of a child (or other children), marriage, or divorce, or you no longer need housing.

Thousands of homeowners-representing half of all property buyers, according to the Zillow Group Consumer Housing Trend Report-decide to buy the next home. Maybe this will explain it to you.

Now you have a choice: Are you selling your first home or Do you own and rent it?

One-thousand-year-old homeowner Kate Current paid for her first home in Utah in three years while living in her second House in Ohio. His advice, like many tenants, is to raise extra money.

Sounds simple enough, but there are many things to consider when making a big decision.

Financial benefits and advice

In addition to having the money to rent a home, buy a second home, and rent a first, there are other ways to build a home to plant a basket.

Millennium in particular has a good chance of doing this: You can rent your mansion and “leave your house, it can (). And hopefully) get a cheaper and lower mortgage payment, less at 3.5 percent,”said Nightline Real Estate expert Kelly Hana.

Buying a non-owner-owned property (i.e., the home you bought for tenants) typically requires a rent of 20-25 percent and has an interest rate of 0.375 percent more. High, 75 percent higher than you. ‘We want a building that has the owner.

What’s important is that it can be cheaper to turn it into a rented house and buy another house that you can use as a residence, rather than buying another house that you can use as a residential home.

The financial crisis you have to jump is worth another loan. “At first, it was hard to see that we could get two loans,” Current admits.

But if you rent your first home before renting your second home, “your lender may allow some of the tenants to pay the same amount as they calculate your income. And the commission,” Hannah says.

However, lenders decided to make sure you have experience managing things to calculate future income as an investor, he warns.


For property rental claims, Leigh Anne Bernal, a real estate and townhome COLLECTIVE consultant, advises you to make a helpful conversation with an accountant because the laws on taxes make it difficult to pay. Place.

Overall, “tax is the most important factor in transforming an existing home into a payday with lower property prices, lower maintenance costs, and lower mortgage yields.”

Suitable for equipment rental

Before renting a home for your home, decide if the home can be rented.

In general, “1-3 bedrooms are easier [to rent] than a larger house,” Bernal said.

He recommends finding employers and renting equipment in your city. “The bigger you are, the better you’re lucky,” Bernal said.

Hannah added that the best way to determine if a home is a rental niche is to meet the requirements and “create a plan that fits your personal situation and your specific market.”

How to see the payment

Rental rates should not be too high, “especially for separate houses and apartments,” says Hannah, because rental rates for single-parent families are not readily available.

Current agrees and understands that the hardest thing about owning a house but actually renting a room is having to live on a high salary while making money.

So the right way to find a real tenant for your home is to find a similar housing market.

“Do your homework,” Bernal says. Think of all the resources, including property taxes and insurance. “

The most difficult thing about renting a building is perhaps the first owner. Money can come to you from all directions, from time delays or unpaid rent to farmers and property. Continue to make money without paying your debts.

“Some of this may work for a shipping company, but the price necessarily includes your measurements,” Bernal suggested.

A word of wisdom

Rent one of your houses, “do it,” advises Hannah. Buying and handling is always good advice. “

But before he started, Bernal offered to look at your situation: “When you are in the real estate market, it can be difficult to get a new home without paying more for your first home. With this money, you can improve your first home. . “

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