India has a power shortage and the problem escalates in the summer as air consumption in homes and offices increases in quantity and limit. Industrial power consumption is also growing. So electricity is important and we want to stay the same.

 It starts with making a stupid character by changing a great house renovation. Debt conservation and environmental protection are two important steps in energy efficiency.

# 1: Simple style changes:

To reduce energy consumption at home, you should not replace your old ones with more powerful products. It starts by removing lamps and equipment when not in use. Alternatively, you can reduce the use of electronic power tools by doing your homework. For example, dry your clothes to dry rather than dry and wash the dishes by hand.

Other behavioral changes that may involve energy conservation include a reduction in the use of cold air in the winter months and cold air in the summer. Donations for cleaning and upgrading companies are more than 50 percent. Therefore home use of these tools can reduce your ability to use them.

# 2: Thermostats House Program:

This is the dumbest way to save energy at home. When you work in the morning, you need to click on the “Leave Home” button in the box or on the screen. This turns off all the lights and reduces the use of your heater or inverter. Raise your position in just two steps and secure it. That way you can lower your temperature by 14 percent.

# 3: Replace the light bulb:

When you’re thinking of ways to save energy at home, this is one of the most important decisions you can think of. Reduce the energy used for lighting using energy-saving lamps or LED bulbs and CFLs. While fluorescent lamps can save electricity or light bulbs can save up to 25 percent of electricity, CFL lights can reduce energy consumption by 75 percent.

The CFL usually pays after nine months. Lighting is a great choice. It is often used on roads and lanterns. Now power plants are growing.

# 4: Use sunscreen:

Add hot water with solar energy. Hot water from outside the system can be used for many purposes. This allows the exchange of electrical and electronic components. For four families, 25 liters of hot water is enough. The price of a solar reservoir is usually low. In addition, most solar energy comes from water use every five to ten years.

# 5: Buy and use expensive three-star projectors:

While a three-star windmill reduces energy consumption by 20 percent, five-star wind turbines reduce energy consumption by about 30 percent. The star’s energy consumption can save a lot. The five-star machines were running at very low power.

# 6: Paint the roof of your house with paint.

Painting the roof of the house with reflective paint helps to reduce the heat of the house from above. This in turn reduces the load on the cold air. When the ceiling is lit by the sun, the house still gets cool. The internal temperature only rose in the afternoon from 5 to 14 Fahrenheit. The paint sprayer also saves about 15 percent of the seasonal air needed for this one-story house.

# 7: use inverters, protect generators:

Inverters work with translators. In places with low energy consumption or short service life and long electricity, the main converters can be used separately from vehicles. Translators use DC and are similar in power consumption. Again, they are quiet compared to the fire.

# 8: Use more gas for cooking:

One part of the force is actually saved in the reduction of the instrument by about three parts. This is called gas for cooking and heating to reduce the load on the electric heater. And again, gas stoves reduce the overall temperature of electric heaters. And again, gas stoves make it easier to control the temperature. In the case of gas cylinders, the temperature change is fast and accurate. In general, gas stove heaters have a much higher temperature than oil intended for use in electric offices.

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