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Read: 3 tips to get away with your first real estate business

If you’re worried about whether you’re adjusting to any market 2019 changes, it’s better to learn from those who have experienced and survived market changes in the past. This article from Forbes has some helpful tips that give you guidance on how to fix a bad market. David Kaufman, senior vice president of Coleman Realty Group, New York City, wrote a summary of his research on commodity prices and the economic downturn. Kaufman himself was not in the real estate industry at the time of the recession, so he understood to ask the same questions six times now that newcomers are likely to ask.

Supervisor: How to create a real estate business in 2019

This video provided by Gary Vie helps homeowners understand how to make a long name for themselves instead of getting it in the short term. Fifty minutes long and of questions and answers, which means a lot. Here are three tips:

• 17:39 Can you make a name for yourself under a big business name? Will the real estate industry face a similar challenge if Uber or Amazon taxis disrupt libraries?

• 5:52 do you weigh the world or do you make plans for change?

• 29:00 how do you identify with yourself when shopping separately from violence?

Listen: YES by Kevin Ward to speak

Do you need to hear the word “yes” often? Let’s all do it. This podcast tutorial builds on what business and life are and helps you develop “and” ways to get to each other. Train your mind and create new patterns.

Follow: Google search links on Twitter

Danny Sullivan is Google’s search engine and often links various articles to Google, but if you follow his professional team, Search Liaison, you get a lot of gold in sales. If you’re trying to find a better Google search team and how it will appear in your search results, who should follow you more than the Google Twitter team to help people find it?

Rules: St. Patrick is coming

Do you plan to spend the holidays taking care of promotions or local events? Now is the time to start planning. Born on 17th March.

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