We shrugged and turned our dining room into a living room.

Living room. “

Le Corbusier, a Swiss-French designer, has been actively involved in Modernism, urban planning, and furniture design, but in all his talents, one thing I will return in this statement

The challenge we all face in owning a home is to turn our home into a way of life that is completely contrary to our culture, television programs, or society too much. And there are many rules!

Three planning principles we considered when renovating a dining room into our Omaha home.

Rule 1: Every family came needs a dining area

One of the biggest pitfalls in decor is the fear of changing the look of the room. Indeed, the kitchen is always a kitchen, but the dining room, traditional living room, and bedroom are all completely renovated.

Like most people, we didn’t use the dining room much. While entertaining guests, we didn’t have much partying time, and our dining room worked well with everyday meals. Now, our living room is nice but not too big – a piano, kitchen, and stairs to measure the amount of seating we can add to the room.

Our answer was to expand the “living room” to a nearby restaurant. We immediately doubled our size for traditional entertainment, setting up flat-screen TVs. The result is a cool, quiet room that the English refer to as “chaos”. We think this is the most appropriate description of this place.

This arrangement – and by letting the dining table be taken – may not be suitable for every family, but it fits our needs and can be easily returned to the next host. *

Rule 2: Dark colors make the house feel small

You’ve heard it from a TV publisher. You heard it from a real estate developer. Neighbor. The boy worked on the color counter. Dark darkness will make the house feel small. “

I have two answers:

1. Of course not.

Rule 2: However, is it always a bad thing?

In most cases, dark walls or ceiling tiles do not affect the size of the room. Colors that are too dark can make the walls and ceiling uncomfortable in the living room, making space deeper. Therefore, the court remains indecisive.

It is a visible darkroom to create a pleasant, beautiful, or romantic world. Although at first, your eyes see a small area, it may not be too small. It didn’t fit with the furniture and with a large number of people in the area as it used to. So maybe that’s not a problem at all.

The nearest living room (and house size) has white windows and large windows that can sunbathe, so we decided to paint our dining room quietly at Sherwin’s TRICOR Black -Williams. There were no secrets about it, but as we filled it all in with pictures and furniture, everyone commented on the size of the house.

Rule 3: Excessive ceiling material will make it narrow

As designers and furniture manufacturers, we talk to our clients about furniture accessories daily, and choosing the largest sofa in their home is common.

While it’s true that most furniture is essential, you can often avoid it by putting more in the house than you think. All that is needed is to install and maintain the system.

Our nose is a good example. It is 13 feet long and 10 feet high and has an open door to our living room, a door to our kitchen, and three large windows. In the living room, we had a bed as high as 10 to 8 feet, a bar, three small tables, a bar, a large wall-mounted TV, and lots of pictures. As we huddled in the crowded room, we didn’t miss the hard drive moving from the living room to the kitchen.

We desperately needed a warm and quiet place to relax and not be late to our dining room. Our inconsistent choices may sound strange for your lifestyle, but keep in mind as you search for the best way to stay in your home.

* We live in our house forever, so it doesn’t matter.

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