If the idea of buying high-quality products gives you peace of mind, you may want to think about how it affects sales.
Your favorite home has everything you need: open design, state-of-the-art kitchen, beautiful decor, but standing next to tall electrical and dangerous wires Di be
The belief of living close to the dangers of power lines has been around for generations. In addition, many researchers have examined the effects of radiation as it causes leukemia and other cancers, heart failure, premature birth, weight loss, and disability the results of these studies are conflicting.
A 2006 study by Wisconsin Medical College highlighted research in this area:
• 46% of these studies found that the studies did not affect minute energy.
• 22 percent said DNA was defective.
• 32% of tests are not available.
The Wisconsin study found that even studies linking the association between cancer and electroconvulsive therapy did not provide consistent clues as to how treatment might be linked to the increasing and progression of breast cancer.
If you are concerned about electric fields and markets (EMF) produced by electrical wires or components near your home, contact your electricity company to arrange a website reading. You can compare EMF to a Gaussian meter or magnetometer.
If you’re looking for a home and you’re thinking of buying somewhere near home with plenty of electricity on vacation, you may be wondering how this affects your ability to buy a home.
Long Beach CA spokesman Daniel Kim said power cords are an immediate option for some home buyers.
“Once they got out of the car, they told their representative,‘ Hmm, after you’ve done the job, ’” he said, emphasizing the importance of reselling the key. But it’s not that important to your peace of mind. I’d say you ride in the yard and buy them. “

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