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Consumers may feel overwhelmed by the rising costs of living. Here’s what it means to them.


Rental rates can lower the cost of renovating homes, but they can be more flexible than you might think because of the suitability of your lenders.


Let’s take a look back at the rise in forest prices that has been occurring since November and see how it affects performance and how you can get affordable housing.


Review and comments for 2017


The inflation rate rose .75% between the election and last December because of the belief the new government expects spending, tax cuts, and regulations to turn into inflation if implemented.


Taxes are rising at the risk of price increases, and that is exactly what happened after the election.


We said that at that time a surprising decline could fall, and then it would happen, and in an unstable way. Prices are rising and falling every day as drivers use new skills in the state. About one-day game vendors agree to delay rules or routes (lower price), and one-day drivers return to the price option after the election (higher price).


Most importantly, taxes have been removed since the election, and now they have risen 0.5 percent of the vote.


Instability continues as investors and central banks try to predict the current situation with the new system, so let’s see how this affects plans to buy a home.

How does the tax affect household capacity?

Over $ 350,000 to buy a home at a 20 percent lower price. 5% reduces the price of the home you get to $ 17,000.

This step can make you feel like you are doomed to live in a small house or a bad environment. But if you understand what borrowers are thinking, you will find the answer.

Debtors use a credit-to-money ratio (DTI) to cover you, which means they split your debt (real estate, car bills, credit cards, etc.) Most sellers won’t give you if your monthly bill exceeds 43 percent of your income.

If you earn $ 65,000 a year and have a car, student debt, and credit card debt of up to $ 615 a month, you are eligible for a $ 350,000 home price when rates drop. .5%, but now you don’t have it

Therefore: Your DTI percentage was less than 43 percent before the election, but now it is more than 44 percent as prices rise.

In addition, the only solution is to reduce your costs by $ 17,000 to $ 333,000 to replace the DTI by less than 43 percent.

Procedures for raising housing prices

But instead of lowering your dollars by $ 17,000, you can consolidate some of your non-real estate loans.

For example, suppose your credit card debt is between $ 125 and $ 3,125. You should receive up to $ 55 worth of your first $ 350,000 home purchase price, and you can do so by paying the remaining $ 2,000.

This is better than lowering the purchase price by $ 17,000, and if you’re not overweight, you can negotiate a seller’s loan when you cover up to $ 2000.

How to make good decisions

Since all homeowners are homeless, all debts are hidden. So don’t think that inflation is all you need.

The lender will evaluate your financial situation and goals, and you will step in to search for an answer for yourself.

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