With the growth of the national nuclear system, the need for homes has increased dramatically.

Let’s discuss some key points a home buyer should consider, especially if you live in a nuclear family.

With the spread of nuclear families, consisting largely of men and women with their children, the common family system in India is rapidly disappearing. Urbanization, economic growth, and cultural change are some of the main reasons for this change. As a result, the demand for housing has also increased with the increasing trend towards core families, in which people desire independent and high-quality living. The needs of a nuclear family are very different from those of a family. For example, a compact, well-planned home with optimal use of space is one of the most important factors in the purchasing decision of small families. In addition to the available space, there are various other factors that a home buyer in a modern small family should consider when buying a home.

What should a core family look out for when buying a house?

Accessibility of the workplace and the social infrastructure

Proximity to offices, schools, and colleges is an essential point that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially in busy cities where the daily commute can belong. This saves you travel time and transport costs when you choose accommodation close to your workplace. Also, easy access to nearby shops and medical facilities is convenient for young families.


Compact, space-saving homes meet the housing needs of a home buyer. Hence, well-designed apartments are the first choice for a modern homebuyer living in a family unit. In most cities, many developers are inventing mid-size apartments to keep up with this emerging trend.

Outlook for future updates

The possibility of moving to a more spacious house at a new location in the future is still on the mind of some owners. Hence, a nuclear family should consider future valuations when investing in residential property. When buying a property, consider whether it has a place on the resale market.


Most young active couples often worry about the safety of their children or older parents at home on the commute. Therefore, when investing in a residential project, you should check the availability of the latest CCTV security systems. Investing in a contemporary housing project provides a healthy and safe environment, especially for human children, such as facilities such as their playground, park, etc.

How do you determine the right size of the apartment for your family?

When choosing the right apartment size, current needs and the financial strength of the individual are certainly the most important factors to consider. Ideally, a 2-BHK or 3-BHK house is the preferred choice for many-core families, especially those entering a professional environment in which they are financially stable and have dependent children.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a home of your own and applying for a mortgage loan for young couples where both wife and husband are winning. When reviewing their finances, they should also consider their future housing needs, especially if they plan to have children. Additionally, some families prefer more privacy than those who want to be crowded, which can affect the choice of the size of a particular apartment. India is also seeing the rise of a new category of ultra-independent young people who prefer to remain single. There is no point in these people opting for a big house unless they are in a high-income bracket.

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