the Scandinavian simplicity

Discover the hot 2017 winter blues. The pampering didn’t seem very smooth.

A Danish version of Hygge (pronounced “HOO-gah”) had a storm in 2016. In terms of both style and design, Hygge is known for its Scandinavian simplicity, modern jewelry, interesting accessories, and house notes.

Hygge is not a true English translation – on the contrary, the word beauty has the ability to express many lines. The warm lights of the lamp base, “enjoy silly things” and “cocoa book cover” – are all used to describe Hygge. It’s a real winter experience and the irresistible beauty of life.

We introduce the smell of winter and learn the patterns of Hygge Scandinavian simplicity – it should allow us to refresh the whole winter.

Bright light

Hygge keeps your place bright and clear, protected from the dark and horrible shadows common in Nordic winter. White beards and shiny beards are useful now, but they are elegantly made.

Add Hygge to your home by installing a neutral chair in your living room or by putting a bright white color in your living room.

The lights are flexible

Hygge would not be Hygge without warm lighting from lamps and fireplaces. A candle in the bathroom then sets the tone and a group of fires adds enough volume instead of a table fire or coffee.

The fireplace is always in the center of the room and offers a pleasant glow for evening conversations.

Its purpose is to create a close community to read your favorite book or find an old friend.

Good information

A ton of wool, blankets, blankets, and fabrics are essential to creating the environment. Hygge Scandinavian simplicity uses the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable stay as an opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of winter life.

Many bare blankets are as valuable as leather. Wool extensions are added to a modern house in Denmark and red lipstick is necessary when drinking a large cup of hot cocoa.

Scandinavian design

The Hygge is not only alive but also a design based on the former Scandinavian design. Like the Scandinavian style, Hygge also takes bad furniture, arts, and simple accents like wood, stone, and stone seriously. Let’s think of Scandinavian coal.

Whatever your style, even the simplest additions to your site can make a big difference in creating the dream space. But most of all, its fun in the little things. Smoking a cup of cocoa and good health, good friends, and good times – so you can socialize.

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