Plant, cut, save, save – create an outdoor space with a beautiful garden core.


The garden cell is not only a place to shovel and mows the lawn but also a planting place where you can plant and replant your heart.

If you don’t have a birdhouse, you can always upgrade. Remove the corner of the garage, balcony, or porch from the next big thing by adding a removable bench and enough space to store your belongings. And if you need to organize your workplace outdoors, store it in a dark place, and store your tools and equipment in a water container.

Wherever you choose to plan your garden, give the same hope that you can go to your office or kitchen at home. Follow these tips to make it right for you.

Display your home in the garden

Stockings are a great place to store stuff, of course, but this is also a great time to incorporate design style into your garden.

Color the color palette in your home to match, or change its appearance by coloring clear tones. Have a desire to finish the existing colors.

Say hello to your garden store that you can give to your home. To avoid cutting uncomfortable areas around your platform, provide a wooden base and attach it to a grass-like cover.

Make room for a bench

Yes, you can use the top of the table as a container, but they are all bells and whistles that make a difference like clay, open chairs, gardens, poles, and even paper towels.

Design a vase chair for yourself from scratch, or design a comfortable bathroom or desk in the back. You can also buy well-prepared benches from your yard or hardware store, but choose high-quality wood flooring that is resistant to moisture and sunlight.

Keep it clean

Dirt and debris must be visible on the surface of your workplace, but most attract insects, mites, and insects.

Don’t forget your workplace, dry wood, scales, shovels, and spoons with a dry brush before placing them, and keep them near the door for easy cleaning.

Wash the floor for easy cleaning by placing a large container in a plastic container, then marking one for disinfectant, another for compost, and so on. Keep large covered containers in the kitchen so you always have room to place pots and pans.

Don’t pack

Workplaces are designed to work, so don’t treat yourself like a warehouse. Overpayment isn’t just pointless – it makes things harder to do and creates a place to hide trash and insects.

Don’t feel guilty for throwing away (or gifting) a dust collector. Even if you think it will be important one day, old pots and pans are no longer as important as the world of work and motivation.

Arrange small items

Once you’ve cleared the clutter, create an area for the item you’re actually using. Always keep your caddy equipment so you don’t have to pack it every time you go to the park. Store items and items you don’t need in selected boxes or containers.

Beards are an old storage option, but in most cases, the site is rarely used. To take full advantage of it, take a plastic composer and a composer Depending on its size and shape, they will take anything from the pot to spread it out.

Arrange shovels and more

Don’t settle for relying on large shovels and marking these corners. Either buy wall furniture for your own home or create a special wall with two or four walls.

Attach one or two or four-wall decorations to the wall, store on wood to add stability. Buy different fabrics at the fish store, and stack the fabrics in front of it to leave plenty of space for each container. Use large hooks in two groups to tie ropes and extension cords, or even in groups of three to tie ropes and release them.

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